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Dear lady, check out these five SURE signs your boyfriend is cheating on you


Dear lady, check out these five SURE signs your boyfriend is cheating on you

Every relationship is bound to suffer severe attacks at different stages, but these ‘attacks’ should not be a regular occurrence.

Many a counselor would say the challenges are not peculiar to your relationship, thus settling the minds of the troubled lady over chances that her man may be tired of her.

While many ladies are still likely to put up with their boyfriends’ anomalies, there are chances she may not know that he is beginning to hit it hot with another lady out there.

Here are five SURE signs to suggest that you may have started playing second fiddle to that Prince Charming.

1. He doesn’t pick calls in your presence

When your darling boyfriend prefers to give you excuses for not picking your calls, it may not be that he has been truly busy, he may have found a reason not to keep the interaction with you.

Negligence of your calls may also be due to the fact that you are no longer as enticing as when you guys met and he has now found a way to end the misery of putting up with your now ‘boring’ nature.


Sweetheart, when you start noticing this is becoming more like a trend than an occasional occurrence, it may be a signal that you have to move on.

2. He no longer disturbs you for sex

Although this is not a point that should be encouraged, if you guys have been having it a great deal and he suddenly doesn’t feel interested in going down with you, know definitely that it isn’t fatigue, but someone else somewhere is beginning to warm his bed.

Guys are fond of experimenting with ladies and they do this without fear or favour so when next you go visiting and he doesn’t even as much as touch, kiss or smooch you, girlfriend… it may just be a signal that you are beginning to overstay your welcome in his life.


Fortunately, many guys would give you a reason for not wanting to continue – I am now a Born Again and can no longer continue having sex until marriage. My Dear, you have to ‘test the spirit’ to confirm whether or not our friend isn’t using that line to open up a room for another Bae in his life. Be Wise, Be Smart!

3. He is slow to reply your messages

It is not unusual for guys and ladies alike to reply late to messages sent to them by their partners.

But when the response is slow and lacks any form of emotional attachments as it used to, something is VERY wrong.

Texting is one of the romantic ways to get down on your partner and write things that your actions may deprive you of.

However, when it seems as if you are beginning to bother him with your many your many unreplied messages, know by yourself that the young man is opening the exit door for you to check out the ‘boy next door’.

4. Spends more time with his phone when you’re together

If instead of getting excited about your presence and make the best use of it, Uncle J decides that it is just time for him to pay more attention to his phone, you need to start doing a lot of thinking.

By implication, your presence is no longer important to him and he’d rather chat with the other Babe about you when you are just sitting beside him.


As a matter of fact, he might be hastening your leave from the house just so that the other lady would come and keep him company.

When this starts happening, Madam don’t fight him, it is the beginning of the end.

5. Picks up fights at the slightest provocation

This happens majorly when the end is almost here. The guy picks on everything you say and makes an issue out of it.

He either tells you that you’re beginning to disrespect him, his siblings or his family members and wants you out of his life.


When the fights start getting unusual, note that you aren’t always the reason for the misunderstandings; something superior is taking your man from you.

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