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Angry passengers humiliate Arik Air manager (Video)


Angry passengers humiliate Arik Air manager (Video)

Sometimes emotions run too high and get people to behave irrationally in public.

An angry Arik airline passenger on Wednesday night beat up the Airline’s Customer Service Liaison Manager, Andrew Umogbai after his flight from Lagos to Johannesburg got cancelled for three consecutive days without any explanation by the airline.

Witnesses at the scene recorded the fight and posted it online.

In the 30-second video, the angry passenger, wearing a white dress was seen moving briskly toward the Manager. When he got to the manager, he took a swing at him and the manager was seen trying to hold his attacker off. in split seconds, the tall manager was brought down on his back by the short attacker while some others joined in the fight. It took the quick intervention of a policeman nearby to hold off the fight for a while.

See the video below.

Commentators on @Graham_Telenoza’s instagram page where the video was originally  posted said that type of scene was long over due owing to the airline’s shoddy treatment of its passengers.

“Been waiting for this. Smh the stress Arik put me through last month. We had to book other airlines last minute after several days of no response. They had it coming,” josyeddz, a commentator noted.

@mekoma1 said: “Lol. Arik personally cancelled my flight for four consecutive days as well. I wasn’t so mad because I was on leave. Imagine if I had to get to work. And their tickets are not exactly cheap. Forfeited the ticket and swore never to fly them. I’m surprised people still fly arik. I’d rather road it, even if they’re the only airline going to that location. Disgusting.”


Some passengers have also complained of having to sleep on the floor overnight as their flights were either not mentioned or cancelled without any reason from the management.

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