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‘Heart-shaped Boob Challenge’ sets Chinese internet on fire

heart shaped breast challenge


‘Heart-shaped Boob Challenge’ sets Chinese internet on fire

Last year was full of ‘challenges’. The #MannequinChallenge, the #DeadPoseChallenge’ the #BidoungChallenge and so on. This year, the hallelujah challenge also took the internet by storm.

Yet, the internet is not tired of reeling out funny challenges.

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The newest to hit the internet is the”Heart-shaped Boob Challenge”. It came from the Chinese version of twitter, Weibo, with the name 桃心胸挑战.

The Heart-shaped Boob Challenge invites female netizens to post pictures of themselves molding their breasts into the shape of a heart.

The challenge managed to catch quite a bit of attention with over 1.6 million views currently, but attracted only a handful of participants.

Many of the photos posted were quickly deleted but many are still on the social media’s cache.

Here are some of the photos


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