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Neighbours stop man from cutting his scrotum after first slicing penis



Neighbours stop man from cutting his scrotum after first slicing penis

A man, identified as Oluwole Aiyeloja willingly cut off his penis with a razor blade in Obanla area of Akure, the Ondo State capital recently.

Oluwole again tried to slice his scrotum before some neighbours quickly rushed at him and wrestled from his hands the razor blade.

The neighbours also invited the police from A Division Station who promptly rushed him to the hospital.

A recharge card seller, who transacts business close to the scene of the incident, Olaolu Oluyede narrated that Oluwole’s act caught her by surprise just like every other person.

“I was busy attending to a customer when someone called my attention to a well-dressed man sitting on a bench close by,” Oluyede told Daily Post.

“While people were still in a shock as to why a well-dressed man will suddenly pull off his clothes in public, he then did the unthinkable. He started slicing his penis to the shock of everyone

“It was very gory. There was blood everywhere. A man had to rush at him and wrestle the blade from him before others called in the police from A Division Station who rushed him to the hospital.”

Speaking on whether Oluwole is mentally challenged, she said his dressing looks like that of normal human being.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Ondo State, Femi Joseph, said a preliminary investigation showed that Oluwole might be suffering from a spiritual or psychological problem.

“When we interrogated him, he said a ‘monster’ had been talking to him to take some weird decisions. He said it was the ‘monster’ who told him to cut his penis for donation which he did. He added that the ‘monster’ also instructed him to donate his testicles,” Joseph said.

Joseph said Oluwole would not be charged for any offence despite causing harm to himself as the concern of the police, for now, is how to get him necessary help.

“If he had tried to commit suicide, which is a criminal offence, we would have charged him, but we don’t actually know how to situate his condition,” he said.

“He really needs help which we are trying to give him. At present, he is responding to treatment at the police hospital.”

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