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Facebook bans women for calling men ‘scum’ and ‘ugly’



Facebook bans women for calling men ‘scum’ and ‘ugly’

Facebook has come under fire for letting trolls post disparaging remarks about women to the site but suspending female users who respond.

Hundreds of women, many of them engaging with the Me Too campaign to stamp out sexual harassment, have found their messages removed and accounts banned.

Female comedians and others have spoken out against the move, which also saw a number of protesters who posted ‘men are scum’ to highlight the problem banned.

In an in-depth interview with the Daily Beast, journalist Taylor Lorenz spoke to a number of women whose accounts Facebook has suspended.

Offending messages, which have been removed, include ‘men are scum’, ‘men are trash’ and ‘all men are ugly.’

Yet similar messages about women appear to remain on the site, they say.

Boston-based comedian Kayla Avery created a website and campaign group, called Facebook Jailed, based on her experiences being banned from the social network around 10 times.

Her most recent crime? Posting a message reading ‘men continue to be the worst.’

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Ms. Avery said, “There was one guy who was threatening to find my house and beat me up.

“I got banned before I could even successfully report it.

“How else can we have a genuine reaction to what’s going on? Facebook is absolutely silencing women.’

In response to the claims, a Facebook spokesman told Daily Beast, “We’ll look at ways to apply our policies in a more granular way, but we are a global platform.’

MailOnline has contacted Facebook for a further comment.

The Me Too campaign was launched in the wake of revelations around male celebrities, notably Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, abusing their positions to sexually harass and assault women.

Millions of people have used the hashtag #MeToo to come forward with their experiences on social media, including many celebrities.

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