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10 SURE WAYS to slide into a lady’s DM without getting curved BY Olorunrinu

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10 SURE WAYS to slide into a lady’s DM without getting curved BY Olorunrinu

For those men who unsuccessfully slide into a lady’s DM on Twitter without getting any results, this is for you.

This Twitter user, @SavvyRinu, has highlighted ten things you as a man can do to improve your chances of getting a positive response from sending a direct message (DM) to a lady on the platform.

She started by asking certain questions like:

• What do you really want?
• Are you just looking for someone to talk to or you want more?
• Did you just get attracted by her avi or you took your ample time?
• Are you ready to take things offline?
• Can you take your L & move without qualms?
Answer first!

Read on to see some of the points she highlighted:

First on her list is the fact that:

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• Have a nice and interesting profile with a sweet avi. Package yourself! Life is about packaging. Before a lady even answers your DM, she has gone through your entire profile generation.
You want to DM a lady and you don’t even have a profile picture??

• Don’t do physical compliments at first. Ladies are used to that all the time!
• Say something unique. Use her name e.g. “Hey Rinu, how’re you doing?” You can’t just DM with random greetings, you will sleep there!
You DMed a lady with just ‘hi’ or ‘hello’?

See guy, maybe I should have said this first.
• Use good grammar. How can you DM & be disgracing your entire generation with words like “Wazup”, “Aw U?”, “Ow r u doing?” “R u good?” Bruhhhh! First impressions last an eternity. Some of you even enter DM with ‘Mad o’!

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• Ask specific questions!! Talmabout “Tell me about yourself”. Awon set storyteller! It’s a conversation, not an interview or interrogation! So I should write a descriptive essay or an epistle, or perhaps a summary?

• Get rid of that stupid entitlement feeling. You aren’t entitled to anything, not even a reply! You used your fingers to go into her DM.
So if she doesn’t reply, move! You are wearing shoulder pads to talk to a lady?

• Being arrogant is a turnoff for women.
Be real and warm.
Most ladies prefer a gentleman. Stop trying to be cool or cocky. It doesn’t work!

You guys do one silly thing. You copy and paste the same message to hundreds of women online, then follow up with whoever actually responds, as this saves you time, then come back to complain ladies don’t reply DMs. See…..👇🏾

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• Relax if she doesn’t respond. It’s fine. Don’t chase her. There are tons of women out there. In fact, let her do the chasing. Instead of taking your time, you are jumping from one DM to another like a goat!

Online conversations are for lighthearted teasing. You can really get to know her when you meet her in person. Tease her. Laugh together. Have fun! Be spontaneous!

• Most guys don’t put any effort into their messages. If you do, you’ll likely see better results. Whatever energy you put is what you are going to get!


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