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14 non-sexual ways to turn your lover on


Most of the time we are so busy that foreplay can feel like another task. Believe it or not, there are some pretty simple ways to be turned on without even touching. The hardest part is remembering to make them a priority and a part of your routine. It will depend on how often you’ll want sparks to fly in the bedroom!


I love you is expected. Saying I like you makes her feel like she’s with her best friend and you enjoy her companionship.

Invite him out to lunch. Pick him up instead of meeting him. It shows that you’re going the extra mile to show how much you care.

Smile when she walks into the room. This makes her feel like you’re happy to see her, you’re still attracted to her and missed your time apart, whether short or long.

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Offer him a compliment just before he leaves for work. It makes him feel confident about how he looks. Opinions matter in relationships when referencing to attire.

Watch a film on your laptop with her, this is a great time to reconnect after a busy afternoon or week. The closeness and silence speak volumes.

Compete with him in an outdoor activity and be very competitive. Your endurance reminds him of your strength and power.


When you go on a business trip, bring her something back. She’ll be happy you thought of her although you had a busy schedule.

When out with your girlfriends, send him a sweet text saying when you’ll be returning. Then return a few minutes earlier. It shows him that you value your time together.

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Say something nice about her in a group. It shows you’re not afraid to show how much you love her in front of friends or family.

This one may be a little tricky because ego may get in the way a little. Fix something he said he would get around to. I’ve been told this makes them feel proud of you for getting it done and knocking something off of the to-do list.

Plan a dinner date with her and take care of everything including the kids. This shows her that you understand and acknowledge that she needs some downtime.

Learn to make his favourite mixed drink. He’ll request it from time to time. The rest is history!

Randomly play one of her favourite songs while relaxing at home. She’ll appreciate you for paying attention to what she likes.

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Wear his team gear during the season. Trust me; he’ll love to see you supporting him and his team. No matter what the results are for the team, you’ll always win!


All of these acts are playfully seductive. It is important to take the time to give each other what you want before the bedroom. It will give you more time and energy to focus on each other’s needs in the bedroom where positive energy will flow through you awakening romance and passion. Feelings are recognized, and thoughts are forgotten because there is nothing left to be said.

This story was previously published on The Good Men Project.


True business resilience demands fresh perspectives and putting best practice top of mind BY Dr. Ibrahim Abduba



Businesses need new solutions to ensure business continuity in the current economic climate, recover quickly and ensure operational resilience beyond COVID-19 (more…)

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Ten tips to doing great business in Nigeria BY Michael Dehoyos



Marine Beach Bridge: Lagos to effect closure for five months

For every entrepreneur looking to start a business, they have to have goals and values to live by; and starting a business in places like Nigeria is no exception. No matter what services your business provides, or what products you want to sell, business success should be your main goal.

We’ll explore ten tips on how to run a successful business in Nigeria and (eventually) anywhere around the world. Just know that it’s imperative to stay true to your vision while achieving many goals in running your business. Here are ten tips on how to do great business in Nigeria.

1. Be Passionate

“How passionate are you about your business?”

Think about it: Passion is what drives the business, since you’re putting your heart and soul into it. And, it gives you the mental and physical strength to deal with setbacks. Although others might not see it, passion is what gets you to work every day.

2. Be Ready To Pay A Big Price

Be willing to get your hands dirty, when you start a business. Being an entrepreneur is about taking risks, and paying heavy prices for the sake of running a business. Sure, it might take months, or even years, to have your dream realized, but fighting hard and working hard will get you to your goal soon enough.

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3. Embrace quality service/product

Putting your best foot forward is one step towards the right direction. Making a good impression by offering good-quality services or products will set you apart from your competitors, and can help you turn leads into customers.

4. Have Good Time Management

As an entrepreneur, you’re also a manager who has to work long hours to keep business running smoothly. However, it’s still important to take time off, when you need to.

When you manage your time wisely, you won’t feel heavy burnout from the work that you’re putting into every week.

5. Treat Demand As Your Motivation

Ask yourself this: What do people want right now?

Don’t think about your opinions or feelings – think about who your customers are. Do they need something? Do they want something better? Can your product or service solve their problem(s)?

That means that there has to be a demand for what you got to sell. Again, think of the customer, not yourself.

6. Have Protection

Business creditors and other forms of business departments can come after you and your business, if anything goes wrong, which can be a huge racket on your part.

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First, determine what type of business structure you have (sole proprietorship, a partnership or corporation). Then, get insurance that suits your business needs to reduce business liability.

7. Embrace Criticism

Not everyone will like you or your business, and that’s okay. If someone points out something critical, then embrace that person’s concern. However, when that concern turns into mockery, ignore it.

Although you should ignore the naysayers, always listen to constructive feedback, because they are your allies, not bullies. And above all, believe in yourself. Even though you’ve sacrificed everything in your life to get to this point, it might be worth it. As long as you keep a calm demeanor and work hard, people will eventually see that you’ve succeeded.

8. Embrace Competition

Every business will have its competition. Now, it’s time for you to get competitive yourself. Don’t let your enemies push you aside; show them that you mean business, and that you’re not afraid of any challenges that might come up.

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9. Have Financial Records

Financial records help you understand where your business is at, money- and budget-wise. Make a note of how much money you’re spending, and what assets need attention. Plus, when investors (including banks) come your way, and they see your financial records, they’ll have a better understanding on what they’re investing in.

10. Keep Learning

Never stop learning. Running a business is always about learning. You need all the knowledge you can get, in order to outsmart your competitors, resolve foreseeable (and even predict unforeseeable) problems, and make any necessary changes to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly. Either way, knowledge is power.


No matter what type of business you have, there’s no limit to knowledge. And, as you read through these ten tips, please understand that this is not to scare you from running a business the way you want to; it’s to help you better run your business, and eventually lead you to being a success.

AUTHOR: Michael Dehoyos is a writer and editor at Write my coursework, and he guest-contributes to numerous sites and publications. As a content marketer, he assists companies improve their marketing strategy concepts.


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Our humanity is under attack



George Floyd

On Monday, 25th May, based on unconfirmed fears that a black man, George Floyd, was issuing a potentially counterfeit bill at  Minnesota shop, its owners, called on cops to help apprehend him.

Moments later, as cameras will reveal, George can be seen pleading with the officers, attempting to negotiate the obvious mistaken situation.

Soon afterwards, he is rendered almost motionless as one of the officers kneels on his neck.

He can be heard and seen struggling for breath, as onlookers plead with the officer to release him.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” Floyd repeats as the officer ignores his cries, and goes on kneeling on a harmless, unharmed, obedient man’s neck, for at least 7 minutes – in a flagrant, obvious, cruel show of racism. An undisguised evil act. When the officer eventually releases the knee-hold, Floyd is unresponsive and limp.

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He is taken to a hospital where he is pronounced dead.

Evil used to sneak around, too scared to walk in the light. It used to creep up on unsuspecting women having a fresh, nice time in a garden. It used to hide in the shadows, silently whispering its destructive ideas into the unsuspecting ears of the listener.

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Not anymore. Nowadays, it walks with shoulders held high, clothes ironed crisply, confidence bolstered by how many times in the past it’s had its way; how many times it’s gotten away with the mindlessness of its perpetrators and all who do its bidding.

Our humanity is under attack. From self-assumed “superiors” who brandish nothing more than a skin treated to a fairer shade because of genetic, migration and anthropological effects spread out over a period of time. We treat each other worse than animals.

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The uproar that Floyd’s death has generated in the US is incensed by the fact that this isn’t a first, and will certainly not be the last. Just across the continental divide, news of whole towns and villages being sacked, people being massacred in Nigeria has filled the airways, dominated the news all week.

“I can’t breathe. I’m about to die.”

How ironical the similarity this plea bears with our everyday lives.

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