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Nigerian migrant burnt to death in Italy tent fire

Becky Moses


Nigerian migrant burnt to death in Italy tent fire

A Nigerian lady was burnt to death in Italy after she was trapped in a tent last Saturday.

The woman identified as Becky Moses died in the fire only three days after moving into the shelter. It was gathered that the 26-year-old was asleep when the fire broke out and could not run for safety after the fire broke out.

According to La Repubblica, two other women were badly injured and dozens of others received treatment for less serious injuries.

It was also reported that Moses was previously living in Riace, a small town on the other side of Reggio Calabria province that recently rehoused refugees from all over the world as part of a widely praised resettlement programme.
Becky Moses
However, having recently had her application for political asylum denied, Moses was obliged to leave Riace and had been sleeping instead in a tent in San Ferdinando where she eventually died.

Authorities have yet to ascertain the cause of the fire outbreak.

About a 100 people in the town of San Ferdinando marched in protest of the fatal fire in the tent city.
The protesters marched in silence from the remains of the encampment to the town hall, some holding the photos of Becky Moses.

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