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WuzupNigeria is an online news platform with a difference. Established in 2016, WuzupNaija strives to deliver important news, entertainment, celebrity gossips, lifestyle, fashion, movie reviews, sports and more to you with an air of authority that is refreshing.

Away from the many run-of-the-mill and copy-and-paste stories permeating the online news sphere, WuzupNaija strives to report genuine stories adding well-researched background information that gives you the objective perspective of the report. We make news easy to understand for the sake of readers across boards so that our readers can truly be informed, stay informed and make informed decisions at all times.

Working for our office in Magboro, very close to the border of Lagos and Ogun State, our connection with our audience transcends just the web and cross platforms offered by social media. It is a deep-seated connection that makes our audience all over the world see themselves in the stories with tell.

We do not neglect any story. We believe no knowledge is lost. With this, we aim to serve as the support system to every one of our readers. In a world that seems lonely and deaf to the plights of the lowly, we listen. We objectively tell their stories from all angles possible so that their voices can be heard.




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