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Are you aware bike, keke riders pay N3,000 daily to thugs, Sega asks EFCC


Are you aware bike, keke riders pay N3,000 daily to thugs, Sega asks EFCC

Popular social commentator and rights advocate, Segun Awosanya, aka Sega has slammed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for always running after internet fraudsters otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ while allegedly ignoring other economic and financial criminals.

Sega in a series of tweets via his Twitter handle @Segalink highlighted some financial crimes cases the EFCC has refused to investigate, asking if it has reduced itself to an attack dog.

The #EndSARS advocate claimed that commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators across the country pay N3000 daily levies to thugs and ‘rogue police’, saying it is another form of ‘offline Yahoo Yahoo’ the EFCC must investigate if it is indeed interested in solving economic and financial crimes.

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He also lambasted the EFCC for turning a blind eye towards several high profile corruption cases and wondered if the anti-corruption agency has become powerless against real economic and financial crimes.

He tweeted:

Let me point @officialEFCC to a discovery since they need to apprehend those with unjustified riches. Is the institution aware of the deepest viral miscarriage of justice in Nigeria on the organized crime syndicate robbing bike/NAPEP riders nationally?!

“Are you aware that we have over 13Million people who survive in Nigeria by operating bike/NAPEP logistics? These people are not on Twitter but they contribute an estimated amount of 2/3rd of the IGR of an average state to Thugs & rogue police alike annually?

“Are you aware that an average bike/NAPEP rider pays up to N3k per day in rents to thugs, who are acquaintances of known political overlords in Nigeria? Have you interosculated the implication of this on the economy of this country of bikers, who are deliberately left for dead?

“Is this not a financial crime? Are thugs above the law or beyond the reach of EFCC? Do you know they have extended their reach to the middle class with tax collection for alleged traffic violations? Is EFCC blind to this or it is allowed? Is this not a form of offline Yahoo?

“These are low hanging fruits for you to pursue if you are indeed interested in solving economic & financial crimes, not petty thieving that ordinary traffic warden can prosecute. You’re sitting on too much funds to denigrate that institution by reducing yourself to an attack dog.

“Nasiru Danu was the logistic director to the GMB Campaign org. In fact it was affirmed that he procured the bike crashed by the President’s son. He was deported of late from the UK under the allegation of money laundering with Millions of Pounds in cash & fake Maltesse passport.

Since his deportation, has @officialEFCC invited him for questioning let alone deployed the erotic Section 7 (1) of EFCC establishment Act, 2004 to investigate his source of wealth? Just for your info, I know Danu from the days when he used to be bailed out for petty crimes.

Years back I exposed @AbdulAbmJ’s fraudulent antics and his 17 bank accounts local and foreign despite signing a CCB form that he had no foreign account. I showed the world documents and modus of siphoning money from MDAs after appropriation, till date @officialEFCC is mute.

“Is section 7(1) impotent against his likes? Is this not an advanced form of yahoo right within the core of public office? So with all the budget and their new building their boss is using to strengthen institution, they are powerless against real economic and financial crimes?

“Shall we talk about corruption within the EFCC itself? You may need to sit down to digest this because it is quite lengthy and will take time to navigate its ugliness. EFCC can’t continue to fool Nigerians with their intellectual & moral willful ignorance as balkanized.

“After many police cases bordering on fraud & several detentions, Nasiru Danu was given a whooping N500m police contract years back & he came to limelight. Of late he is the custodian of pipeline security contract from the SS to the North. Literally Free money. EFCC do your job!

“I don’t know how grounded you are at Law. But let me intimate you with this: “Lex non novit patrem, nec matrem; solam veritatem” —The Law knows neither father nor mother; only the TRUTH. Is EFCC a lawful institution with its unethical prevarication & partisanship?”


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