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#AssaultOnNurses! Furious Ondo doctor pours wound irrigation fluid on a nursing officer



#AssaultOnNurses! Furious Ondo doctor pours wound irrigation fluid on a nursing officer

A Nigerian doctor, identified as Dr. Ajibola, has been accused of allegedly pouring wound irrigation fluid on a nursing officer, Oladele Olayinka in Ondo State.

According to series of Twitter posts by Nursingworld Nigeria, Dr. Ajibola works with the Accident and Emergency Unit, Ondo State Trauma and Surgical Centre.

The incident allegedly happened at about 11:30 pm on Saturday,  June 9, 2018.

According to a report shared by @Nursingworld Nigeria, Nurse Olayinka was said to have sent a porter, Mr. Jimi, to the pharmacy to get drugs for a patient.

However, Jimi was hijacked by Ajibola who told him to help irrigate a patient’s wound. The Nurse, after waiting for his return with no success, eventually got to know of the development from a medical student.

This allegedly angered the nurse and she went to where Jimi was carrying out the new task assigned by the doctor and demanded that he should go back to complete the previously delegated task while she offered to continue the care of the patient with the doctor.

NWN reported that instead of Ajibola to accede to the arrangement, he resorted to calling Olayinka abusive names.

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As if that wasn’t enough, he allegedly took the wound irrigation fluid and poured it on the nurse in the presence of the patient and other members of staff.

The nurse has also made an official report, through the Director of Nursing Services, to the management of the institution.

Nursingworld Nigeria wrote,

“So here’s the incidence report of the Nurse who had #irrigation fluid poured on her by the doctor in her facility…

“Its been 5 days now since the event happened and still the facility and its management has done nothing.

“Is it because She is a woman or a Nurse?

“I write with sorrow in my heart because as i would like to think we are making progress on the fairness of gender relationship and safe workplace, a member of the medical profession has decided to draw a reality of backwardness on.

“I want to say that this is an embarrassment to humanity that such even happened in a hospital ward.

“It is as well laughable that in this century where we kick against domestic violence around the globe, a medical officer named Ajibola.

“(Trauma Centre, Ondo) has not only caused a domestic violence scene, but showed how unethical the medical profession has been represented in his act and further blended with the reflective exposure of hostility bred in the heart of our medical officers to other healthcare workers.

“It begs me to the question, is it because she is a woman or a Nurse?

“The humiliation that nurses reportedly suffer from patients now extends to what could be gotten from the supposedly educated colleagues at workplace.

“I don’t want to react much on the ugliness of this scene.

“but then, it is worthy to appreciate the heroic display of maturity by the nurse affected to ensure that retaliation was made in legal forms by reporting to appropriate quarters and not raising urine on the medical officer. I also see it right to awake everybody to the monitoring.

“Of the local judiciary process on this matter in order to ensure that the outcome of the crazy act is brought to a definitive point that would make the offender a scapegoat enough to serve an example to others with this terrible culture and mean to the public that the act is.

“Really bad. It is well to be conscious of this because as much as we want to hide some background facts, it is said that the medical association always loom for a way to rub things off.

“As we continue to push for a zero tolerance on domestic violence and workplace rift…”

See the report and some tweets:

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