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Bad market, drop him, SACS operatives say after arresting, harassing police officer’s son

Police brutality Endsars


Bad market, drop him, SACS operatives say after arresting, harassing police officer’s son

There seems to be no end in sight to the menace of indiscriminate arrest, extortion and harassment of young people by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and Special Anti-Cultism Squad (SACS) of the Nigeria Police Force in Lagos.

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his ordeal in the hands of the operatives in Lagos on Thursday.

Ahmad Gaji who said he is a son of a senior police officer was running an errand for his mum in Lagos when he was accosted and abducted by the operatives who whisked him away in their bus.

Gaji said the operatives seized his phone and started harassing him of being a cultist but their ego diminished the moment he told them who his father is.

“Bad market,” was their response to him when they discovered his father is a senior police officer.

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Gaji wrote:

“So this morning as per fresh boy, I baff, wear cloth top am with this season’s Arsenal jersey, carry earpiece, iPhone dey hand, miband watch. I set off to Agege to Deliver a message for mum, as I drop from bike at gate bus stop Abesan Ipaja, 3 men came from nowhere.

“Three hefty men with guns came, showed me ID card and was like young man enter the bus. And one of them search me and collected my phone, (I have already ordered Opay and he’s coming) as I entered the bus, the driver took off immediately like a kidnap scene, I still didn’t talk.

“The one searching my phone then said, so what do you do for a living, I said I’m a student, Law student for that matter, he said “shut up idiot”, you’re a yahoo boy he then saw a picture of me in black shorts and shirt that I snapped one time and said I said it “he’s a cultist.

“They stopped 3 other guys too and when I saw that this driver was speeding I just told him, sir where are you taking me to? I have a message to deliver for my mum, and you’re accusing me of what I do not even know of, The man said I’ll slap you are you mad? You’ll suffer today

“Coincidentally I was carrying a police file for my mom’s errand and he was like “who gave you this file” I told him my dad is in the police force too and I’ll call him now to tell him some police stopped me on the way and are taking me to somewhere I don’t know.

“The other two looked back and asked “what’s his name? I said Gaji the one in front just hissed and said “Bad market” drop am for Alaguntan.

“The one with my phone was adamant that I must call my father and tell him that police has arrested me so he will confirm. the other 3 Were telling him, oga make he come down dey go I no want any wahala, he was still adamant, after seeing that i did not panic and I was looking at him calmly, he then said “we go stop you for Alaguntan now make you dey find your way but you go buy fuel for us.

“I was like sir I don’t have kobo on me, if you want to buy fuel call my father and tell him, man was like mtcheew just get down and go, meanwhile the other 3 guys they stopped too were still inside begging them, two of them were not even yahoo boys or anything, but these men were very angry and told them, una go die today, they dropped me and zoomed of with the remaining guys, God knows where they are taking them to. But na so these men do free ride for me lmao, e pain them die. Bastards!!!!”


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See his tweet:


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