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My balls are bigger than your boyfriends’, says Super Falcons star Chichi Igbo


My balls are bigger than your boyfriends’, says Super Falcons star Chichi Igbo

Former Super Falcons star, Chichi Igbo has said she is a super woman with balls bigger than some men’s own.
She said this, apparently answering those doubting her sex.

“Even with my nipples right in their faces, they still ask “are you a boy or a girl” I can’t say I blame y’all, too blessed to be real but allow me break it down, I’m a proud WOMAN whom is your boyfriend’s body goal, dress better than your man and have bigger (invisible) balls than your man, pulling girls/boys more than your biggest player so NO I don’t wanna be a man, I’am more than a man aka extraordinary WOMAN!! Wait tho, what’s really there to be about a man? The only thing that makes most of you a “man” is only your dick that I have no need nor use for so umm nope I’ll take a pass,” she said on her instagram page.

Chichi had earlier in the week issued a caution to Nigerian rapper Olamide over his post about the Orlando terror attack.

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“Olamide aka @baddosneh you are officially a douchebag for being so insensitive over such tragedy, gay or straight, lives were lost and I don’t see how anyone can make joke with such, and for the record, not everyone that goes to a gay club is gay, these are people that have friends and families that most times accompany them to clubs and there are also those that are not so judgmental n prolly love the type of music played in the club. It could’ve been anyone so pay some fucking respect or be SILENT!!! #prayfororlando #letloveleadtheway,” she said.

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Olamide had ignored the footballer’s post.

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