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Updated: Court orders immediate release of Sowore


DSS Sowore

The Federal High Court on Tuesday, ordered the immediate release of Mr Omoleye Sowore, convener of the revolution now movement, from the custody of the Department of State Service.

Sowore was arrested Aug. 3 for convening a nationwide protest, themed #RevolutionNow.

Justice Taiwo Taiwo ordered that Sowore’s International passport be submitted to the chief registrar of the court with 48 hours of the judgment.

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Justice Taiwo said that since the 45 days detention order had elapsed and not been renewed, also in view of the motion ex-parte earlier withdrawn, there was no extant order for Sowore’s continuous detention.

He, however, said that although there was an information filed to the court on Sept. 23, deposed to by one Mr Tanko Musa, the information was not before him yet.

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The Judge also ordered that Sowore’s lawyer, Mr Femi Falana, SAN, must be responsible for him, once there is a formal charge against him in court.

Earlier, Falana , noted that the order issued by the court on Aug. 8, permitting the DSS to hold the activist for 45 days, expired on Sept. 21.

He urged the court to issue a consequential order releasing the publisher of SaharaReporters from custody.

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But responding, DSS counsel, G.O Agbadua, said that since the charges had been filed against the activist on Sept. 20, it was lawful to continue to keep until arraignment.

But Falana said, “Filing of charges cannot metamorphose into a detention order.

“A citizen cannot detain a citizen in anticipation of arraignment.”



My husband throws condoms used on his girlfriend in my face, wife tells court



bride price

A 60-year-old Zambian woman has told the court that she would reconcile with her 89-year-old husband if only he undergoes an HIV test.

According to the woman, her husband throws used condoms in her face whenever he came back from having sex with other women.

“My 89-yr-old husband throws the condoms that he uses on his girlfriend in my face and tells me that I am a worthless person,” she said.

According to the Zambia Observer, the woman identified as Astridah Bwale testified that her 89-yr-old  husband, Rodrick Mwale told her that she stinks and that there were beautiful women out there who were better than her.

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She told the court that she never saw her husband’s salary and he does not buy food for the family.

Astridah alleged that Rodrick only spent money on his girlfriends.

The plaintiff narrated that her husband got his retirement package without her knowledge and that she had no idea how he used the money.

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She also complained that Rodrick had in the last four years been sleeping at his girlfriend’s house and that it was the reason that they did not have sex.

The plaintiff also said that she and her family lived in a house without a roof due to the failure by the defendant to buy roofing sheets.

She told the court that she was willing to reconcile with her 89-yr-old husband as long as he agrees to go for an HIV test.

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Problems between the couple who had nine children started in 1988 after her husband found a job.

Testifying earlier,  Rodrick told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2015 after his wife stopped washing for him.

He told the court that his wife also started starving him sexually and that the two have never had sex since 2015.

Ganerton senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda reconciled the couple and ordered them to go for an HIV test.


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Man battles NCDC staff who came to take him to their center for Quarantine (Video)



A video making rounds online, shows Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, officials battling with a suspected COVID-19 patient who was refusing to go with them to the isolation centre.

In the video, two officials of the NCDC dressed in their complete PPE can be seen dragging and carrying the man out of his gates while he cursed them out, shouting that he does not want to go with them.

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Turning deaf ears to his request, the officials continued to drag him.


Watch the video below;


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US students organize ‘Covid-19 parties’ to see who gets infected



Following some US citizens’ refusal to obey Covid-19 measures, it was discovered that several college students in an Alabama city organised “Covid-19” parties as a contest to see who would get the virus first.

Tuscaloosa City Councilor Sonya McKinstry said students hosted the parties to intentionally infect each other with the new coronavirus. That’s not it! All the invited guests of the party put money in a pot and whoever gets COVID 19 first gets the pot.

“They put money in a pot and they try to get COVID. Whoever gets COVID first gets the pot. It makes no sense,” McKinstry said. “They’re intentionally doing it.”

The department initially thought the parties were rumours, but Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith said after some research, officials discovered the parties were real.

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Prior to this too, students in Walla Walla conducted similar Covid-19 parties, thinking they would be infected with coronavirus and become immune!

As per a CNN report, many Americans believe that it is better to get infected with the virus and get it over with to faster reach herd immunity. Herd immunity is an epidemiological concept that describes the state at which the virus becomes less of a threat because the majority of the population has become immune to it.

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However, the logic is flawed as herd immunity best comes from a vaccine. More so, even if one develops immunity, it might not last forever and could wane over time. Also, not to forget that these youngsters might spread the disease to old and vulnerable people, further worsening the crisis.

Experts have warned against following the trend and said more and more Covid-19 cases would overburden health system and hospitals, resulting in more deaths.

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The contagion has so far killed more than 127,000 people in the United States.

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