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Bro, country hard o, thief tells man he followed to ATM and found N210 in his account

ATM man


Bro, country hard o, thief tells man he followed to ATM and found N210 in his account

A Nigerian man has narrated his hilarious yet freaky encounter with some street robbers while he was returning from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) point on Wednesday.

The man took to Twitter on Thursday to share his ordeal via his handle @Assistant_BF.

He narrated that he had gone to the ATM to check if his dad had sent his monthly stipend, but he left disappointed when he found out the money had not been sent.

He added that what he thought was a disappointment because he was cash strapped, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him.

On his way back home, he said he encountered some street robbers who ordered him to empty his wallet, but when they didn’t find any cash on him but his ATM card, one of them volunteered to follow him to the ATM point with the aim to withdraw money from his account.

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He said his account balance shocked the thief who felt disappointed.

He narrated:

“Yesterday, I was walking back from the ATM gallery to my lodge. My face was scrunched up with angry lines. The money I was expecting from my Popsi hadn’t arrived yet. At the T-junction just before Melody Lodge, a certain dude with a nasty scar above his left eye approached me.

“At first, his gestures seemed harmless. A smile. Then a ‘bros hwfa?’ I said I was fine. Took his hand in mine for a tight handshake. Tried to maneuver, but was pulled back by his hardened hand.

“Everything happened so fast. His guys from behind an uncompleted lodge. A knife. I was circled by his gang of miscreants and asked to empty my pockets. Because there was no money in my account, I had no money on me. Just my empty wallet and ATM card.

“The ‘once-friendly-but-now-dangerous-rogue’ went through my wallet, saw the ATM card & asked that we walk to the ATM. With a parched throat and body convulsing with fear, all I could say was OK. We arrived the ATM gallery without much trouble.

“I walked in front while he followed behind. His warnings still ringing in my head, ‘if you try rubbish, I know where you dey live, I go find you and I go beat nonsense commot for your body.’ ‘Guy type your pin before I cut your vein,’ he whispered.

“I typed in my pin instantly. Then clicked on the ‘Check Balance’ option. I wasn’t ready to get any scar or blood gushing from my body. The guy looked at my balance then looked at me, looked at my balance again then looked at me, his angry face slowly softening, his eyes became liquid with pity.

“He looked at my balance again, then at my face. Shook his head from side to side, sighed, then walked away, leaving me with his last words, ‘Bro, country hard o.’ My account balance was N210.”

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See his tweet:

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