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CDQ, fans knock DJ Cuppy for telling foreign audience that Nigeria’s problem is access to clean water [Video]


CDQ, fans knock DJ Cuppy for telling foreign audience that Nigeria’s problem is access to clean water [Video]

Music artiste and Disc Jockey, Florence Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy, has come under criticisms for telling an international audience that 70 per cent of Nigerians lack access to clean water.

DJ Cuppy said she is not proud of the problem as a Nigerian and that a change is coming soon.

DJ Cuppy also went ahead to post the video of her giving her speech at the Global Citizen conference in Berlin Germany.

“In my county Nigeria, 70% of the population lacks access to clean water and sanitation.

“This is the statistics I’m not happy with, I’m not proud off as a Nigerian.

“But tonight, tonight, this is where we start to change that, can I get some noise please…” DJ Cuppy said.

Her speech did not go well with some of her fans who felt that the statistics she quoted were wrong. Some opined that she misrepresented the country she claims to love by portraying them in a bad light.

Music star, CDQ on his part said the problems of Nigeria are beyond access to clean water. He said;

“lovely speech baby ❤️ but our main problem no be water u for tell dem our main problem… …Unemployment…Electricity …bad road network …Economy Instability …Low income (Wage/Salary)…insufficient educational facilities for the masses.

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“So they would know how to rightfully channel resources. Thank You 🙏 just, In case of next time mami 😘

See more comments:

@adekunleyetunde: Must you open your mouth to spew gibberish…. how do u get to the conclusion of your so called statistics….just because ur father is rich does not make every other people poor like u make it seems… pls be guided.

@dolapsfashion: Think this kind of comment need be treated at home not in others home.

@randy_escobar_money: Are you ready to make billions through drug business are you fearless and brave to push cocaine in and out of the country and make cool money through dealing cocaine in foreign countries hit me up if you that person your first can change your life forever and you can start living the way am living check out how big my mansion is and also how many cars I got you’ll see what am talking about if your really ready for this hit me up..

@sam_charles_: How do you estimate the value you told the world?🤔🤔
Because you represented the country doesn’t give you a courtyard to say anything you feel like saying about the country.
Is not your father who built this country.😡😡 Your representing a country you haven’t cross any mark to help any pressing situation.
A country you haven’t nailed any landmark,
How did you even find yourself there?

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Is not about who are you… How are famous or rich you are .. Is about having the people and country at heart, Is about how you can help.💯💯💯
Not announcing how bad the country is because you got an opportunity to be somewhere all Nigerian’s can’t be at a time.
Why didn’t you tell them why the country turns such look?
And who are responsible? We lack good water in the country, how many communities have you help with water bore holes?
Are you telling them to support the country or what?
Even if the will do, won’t you and other political joboks swipe it out to selfish course…
You better watch your mouth when representing a country where the people know what there problem is.

If have opportunity to take urslf out the country… Mind your business.

@amil_dyadado: This girl has finished us for oyinbo land, now we no go form again when we’re outside.

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@delightekeeke: So how are you going to change dat tonight? I dnt evn undstand yet

@bukky.adex: I liked u before but with this rubbish you just spewed am certainly not impressed. Why go disgrace our country? How can u say 70%. You are so unintelligent. I guess your father’s wealth has made u so dumb.

@ghuzy01: Where do you get your statistics from.You can’t just be saying trash on international platforms 👎👎

@akinflow: Really, you go in front of the world to add more insults to Nigeria. I appreciate you and everything you stand for. But you miss the point. You didn’t tackle the problem of how the Nigerian elites have eaten away the future of Nigeria for many years. You should be addressing the senate, private business and all the people enjoying good life in Nigeria. I am not condemning your efforts but I think you know where to direct it. By the way your granddaddy was a former Governor.

Meanwhile one ivanilla_africa_ said “According to google an estimated 90.8 per cent of Nigerians population lack access to portable water ,while UNISEF Nigeria says *Only 26.5 per cent of the population use improved drinking water sources and sanitation facilities.*….Cuppy might be right ,let’s support rather than criticize . #cuppynist

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