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CDQ, fans knock DJ Cuppy for telling foreign audience that Nigeria’s problem is access to clean water [Video]


Music artiste and Disc Jockey, Florence Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy, has come under criticisms for telling an international audience that 70 per cent of Nigerians lack access to clean water.

DJ Cuppy said she is not proud of the problem as a Nigerian and that a change is coming soon.

DJ Cuppy also went ahead to post the video of her giving her speech at the Global Citizen conference in Berlin Germany.

“In my county Nigeria, 70% of the population lacks access to clean water and sanitation.

“This is the statistics I’m not happy with, I’m not proud off as a Nigerian.

“But tonight, tonight, this is where we start to change that, can I get some noise please…” DJ Cuppy said.

Her speech did not go well with some of her fans who felt that the statistics she quoted were wrong. Some opined that she misrepresented the country she claims to love by portraying them in a bad light.

Music star, CDQ on his part said the problems of Nigeria are beyond access to clean water. He said;

“lovely speech baby ❤️ but our main problem no be water u for tell dem our main problem… …Unemployment…Electricity …bad road network …Economy Instability …Low income (Wage/Salary)…insufficient educational facilities for the masses.

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“So they would know how to rightfully channel resources. Thank You 🙏 just, In case of next time mami 😘

See more comments:

@adekunleyetunde: Must you open your mouth to spew gibberish…. how do u get to the conclusion of your so called statistics….just because ur father is rich does not make every other people poor like u make it seems… pls be guided.

@dolapsfashion: Think this kind of comment need be treated at home not in others home.

@randy_escobar_money: Are you ready to make billions through drug business are you fearless and brave to push cocaine in and out of the country and make cool money through dealing cocaine in foreign countries hit me up if you that person your first can change your life forever and you can start living the way am living check out how big my mansion is and also how many cars I got you’ll see what am talking about if your really ready for this hit me up..

@sam_charles_: How do you estimate the value you told the world?🤔🤔
Because you represented the country doesn’t give you a courtyard to say anything you feel like saying about the country.
Is not your father who built this country.😡😡 Your representing a country you haven’t cross any mark to help any pressing situation.
A country you haven’t nailed any landmark,
How did you even find yourself there?

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Is not about who are you… How are famous or rich you are .. Is about having the people and country at heart, Is about how you can help.💯💯💯
Not announcing how bad the country is because you got an opportunity to be somewhere all Nigerian’s can’t be at a time.
Why didn’t you tell them why the country turns such look?
And who are responsible? We lack good water in the country, how many communities have you help with water bore holes?
Are you telling them to support the country or what?
Even if the will do, won’t you and other political joboks swipe it out to selfish course…
You better watch your mouth when representing a country where the people know what there problem is.

If have opportunity to take urslf out the country… Mind your business.

@amil_dyadado: This girl has finished us for oyinbo land, now we no go form again when we’re outside.

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@delightekeeke: So how are you going to change dat tonight? I dnt evn undstand yet

@bukky.adex: I liked u before but with this rubbish you just spewed am certainly not impressed. Why go disgrace our country? How can u say 70%. You are so unintelligent. I guess your father’s wealth has made u so dumb.

@ghuzy01: Where do you get your statistics from.You can’t just be saying trash on international platforms 👎👎

@akinflow: Really, you go in front of the world to add more insults to Nigeria. I appreciate you and everything you stand for. But you miss the point. You didn’t tackle the problem of how the Nigerian elites have eaten away the future of Nigeria for many years. You should be addressing the senate, private business and all the people enjoying good life in Nigeria. I am not condemning your efforts but I think you know where to direct it. By the way your granddaddy was a former Governor.

Meanwhile one ivanilla_africa_ said “According to google an estimated 90.8 per cent of Nigerians population lack access to portable water ,while UNISEF Nigeria says *Only 26.5 per cent of the population use improved drinking water sources and sanitation facilities.*….Cuppy might be right ,let’s support rather than criticize . #cuppynist


Alleged rape saga: Segalink releases final statement, says D’banj’s accuser, Seyitan is not interested in legal battle



Nigeria rights activist, Segun Awosanya has released his final statement on the D’banj and Seyitan rape saga following corroborating with the police that Seyitan was never detained.

The legal luminary in a series of tweets noted that he received a call from Seyitan’s aunt with the alleged victim in the loop and it’s obvious that the agenda for a legal tussle was never Seyitan’s idea but other interested/vested parties.

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He went on to state that the families will take it from here on and advised: “warring parties to stand down and respect the wishes of the family”.

See the tweets below;


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Alleged rape: Segalink confirms that Dbanj rape accuser, Miss Seyitan was detained by police



Human Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya aka SegaLink, has confirmed that Dbanj rape accuser, Miss Seyitan, was indeed arrested by the police.

Seyitan Babatayo, recently recounted her ordeal while in police custody for two days almost two weeks after going public with her story.

This information was contained in a statement issued by Stand To End Rape (STER) Initiative and signed by her.

Segalink yesterday stated that the police simply acted as an arbiter and the documents generated in that regard with the consent of Seyitan’s lawyer and parent proves this. He went on to narrate some incidents that occurred before the alleged rape incident ignited a controversy on social media. He has now given an update on the situation, confirming that Miss Seyitan was indeed arrested and detained by the police based on a petition which was eventually pulled out. See what he wrote below;

Releasing my final statement on this matter after receiving a conscionable courtesy call from @seyitannn_ ‘s mum, sister @tosinbunmi12 with @seyitannn_ in the loop. Please stay tuned.

I really want to appreciate Seyitan’s family at this difficult time. It is indeed a pleasure speaking with you this morning. I’m glad to be filled in on the missing links as well as elated to know we are on the same page as regards the fact that Seyitan’s interests is paramount.

As discussed, permit me to communicate seyitan’s family’s position on this matter, which consistently represents the prayers and wishes of Seyitan: She deserves her peace and a normal life.

Seyi is not a liar. She has been under untold strain which may have contributed to communication gaps and inconsistencies that have now being put into perspective. I would like to clarify that she was arrested and detained based on a petition which was eventually pulled out.

The family will take it from here and all warring parties are hereby advised to stand down and respect the wishes of the family.

Here is my position, which I cannot fail to stress, lest I fail generations and welcome a repeat of what played out here. The vicious & hateful approach of some interests (BMC & e-Feminist Coven) on this matter at the expense of Seyitan’s wellbeing must be condemned by All.

The malicious interest group erroneously believe that seyitan’s reluctance in taking their orders, was connected to me as proven by their numerous statements via Twitter trolls & ghouls under the pseudonym of e-Feminists (recently re-christened as Feminist Coven).

The family also reiterated and distanced themselves from the unfounded allegations pushed by those hoping to traffic their agenda through her situation. Seyi and her family are not interested in any CASE or legal battle as strictly communicated to @SIAF_NG (via @segalink)…

…even before the involvement of STER or police as well as the beleaguered feminist coven spinning tales and accusing every and anyone of coercion and control simply because their agenda got derailed.

I still want to believe measurably that STER meant well for Seyitan and couldn’t be directly held responsible for the actions of the malicious and unconscionable legion, pushing for an agenda, …

…even though a statement from @StandtoEndRape on the unfounded allegations could have been issued to distance their services from the drive of known gender trolls on Twitter. It is unfortunate they didn’t see this as critical.
We cannot be seen to discourage the activist wills of @kikimordi @ChiomaChuka and @AyodejiOsowobi (of STER) et al from helping people in need of urgent intervention – but observing what has occurred in this case – …

…and the omission of the engagement with NAPTIP – the strongest call for a total revamp of SARC processes In Nigeria is imminent. Public trial by media really shouldn’t be Nigeria’s ONLY pivot of investigation and relief.
…End of Celestial Clarification in the Know…

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71-year-old Bollywood icon Saroj Khan dies



Saroj Khan

Bollywood icon Saroj Khan, known as one of the most prominent choreographers of the industry, has died aged 71.

Stars have mourned the legend’s death on social media, after it was confirmed by her nephew Manish Jagwani, to PTI news agency.

It’s reported Khan, who choreographed more than 2000 songs and some of Bollywood’s most iconic and popular tunes in her four decades in the industry, suffered a cardiac arrest in a Mumbai hospital, according to local media.

She’s understood to have been admitted to hospital last month following complaints of breathlessness, while it’s also been reported she tested negative for Covid-19.

Khan became renowned for her choreography in the 1980s, working with leading stars like Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi Kapoor, achieving hits with her direction. For the latter, Khan choreographed Sridevi in song Hawa Hawai from 1987’s hit Mr India, which introduced the dance director as a Bollywood force to be reckoned with.

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Stars were quick to mourn her death on social media, with actor Akshay Kumar writing on Twitter:

“Woke up to the sad news that legendary choreographer #SarojKhan ji is no more. Woke up to the sad news that legendary choreographer #SarojKhan ji is no more. She made dance look easy almost like anybody can dance, a huge loss for the industry. May her soul rest in peace 🙏🏻— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) July 3, 2020.

“She stood up for the rights of people. Never bothered who was a star or not. She said her bit Unadulterated & from the heart. Bought biryani on every song and fed the whole crew so lovingly. We gossiped. We worked. Thank you for the memories #masterji #SarojKhan love you always.— kunal kohli (@kunalkohli) July 3, 2020

“Rest in Peace Saroj Khan ji. This loss is immeasurable for the industry & film lovers.Having choreographed more than 2000 songs she single handedly changed the landscape of how songs were shot. I had the pleasure of being Choerographed by her in Aladin. One tick off my bucketlist— Riteish Deshmukh (@Riteishd) July 3, 2020

“I’m devastated by the loss of my friend and guru, Saroj Khan. Will always be grateful for her work in helping me reach my full potential in dance. The world has lost an amazingly talented person. I will miss you💔 My sincere condolences to the family. #RIPSarojji— Madhuri Dixit Nene (@MadhuriDixit) July 3, 2020

“She made dance look easy almost like anybody can dance, a huge loss for the industry. May her soul rest in peace (sic).”

Director Kunal Kohli added:

“She stood up for the rights of people. Never bothered who was a star or not. She said her bit Unadulterated & from the heart.

“Bought biryani on every song and fed the whole crew so lovingly. We gossiped. We worked. Thank you for the memories #masterji #SarojKhan love you always.”

Actor Riteish Deshmukh said working with Khan was something off the bucket list.

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