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Charly Boy opens can of worms on Anambra governor, alleges he ‘likes nyash no be here’


Charly Boy Anambra Governor

Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy has called out Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, describing him as loud, pompous and braggadocios.

Charly Boy took to his Instagram page to drag the governor whom he described as his friend but alleged that his actions since he became governor shows he seems not to be interested in programmes that would bring development to the youth in his state.

He also alleged that despite reaching out to the governor several times to strategise on how they can work together to make life better for youths in Igbo land, “Willy wasn’t so interested in working with us and seemed more interested in my female workers than the business of the youths.”

The entertainer, however, said he stopped reaching out to Obiano because their meetings don’t “yield any action for the street people”.

He wrote:

“Willy is loud, most times pompous and braggadocios. His own possen no be here. I went to him a few times since he became governor to know what we can do with the youths in Anambra state and Infact Igbo land, but Willy wasn’t so interested in working with us. He bragged of how he has all areas covered and seemed more interested in my female workers than the business of the youths. Willy like nyash no be here.

I stopped calling or reaching out to him, because our meetings no dey yield any action for the street people. So I just give am long rope, as an Emperor concern. You can imagine my surprise when I was called by Willy all the way from Rome. As usual, e no waste time to start to blow his trumpet again. He was excited as he bored me shitless with the story of his knighthood by the Pope.

In his words, it is to be the highest honor bestowed on an African he claimed. Haba, Willy, which kin lie be dat naa? Justice Oputa received his knighthood from the Pope too, and guess what? the gentleman didn’t lobby for it sam sam. I GET MANY GIST ABOUT WILLY.”

A few hours later, Charly Boy made another post where he claimed he has more gist about the Anambra governor and is ready to release them in series, telling his fans to stay tuned to his social media pages.

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He claimed residents of the state are frustrated and upset by Obaino’s style of governance.

Charly Boy wrote:

“Now I dey hear all this story’s about my once upon a time friend who blew billions of state money to fan his overblown ego, Odiegwu. Scamming, some said has left Awka and found its way to the Vatican.

“Willy’s governing style and his private life is being discussed in beer parlours all over Anambra. People are just too upset, and I start to wonder when all this “do anyhow people” go expire for our polity. Willy, Anambra youths are hopeless that is why many of them are in Lagos, north and Sahara desert trying to survive.

Willy, APGA is for Ndigbo but the way I see you, you want sellam to APC Buhari …..people dey watch you closely.

Anambra people dey vex say Willy don scatter their state, dem dey plan on exposing the rot in their state and about this trip to Rome. It is unclear for me what actually transpired in Rome, an audience with the Pope or a Papal investiture. My People believe say Willy don carry many Anambra people put for roundabout, just dey do as em like.

More gist ABOUT WILLY dey come stay tuned.

He added:

As the AreaFad, many people dey write to us with different complains about the governance style of Working Willy. People dey complain say that your party – APGA in Awka has no permanent structure but you will be too happy to dash money to whitemen. Many called to say that you have signed more than 500 MOUs but none has created a single job for millions of jobless youths in Anambra. Na True?

Some dey wonder if naa the too much alcohol dey worry, Many even dey see you as a chronic drunk? Sotey some People dey ask about the Ugu export scheme, wondering if it was all a scam.

Me dey ask, what about the airport you wan build? weytin happen?

I even dey hear say Anambra state is in serious debt to the tune of 200 billion and counting. hummmm na wa.

Even this las Xmass wey many no see food chop, na em dem say Willy get mind to take over 1.4 billion naira do Christmas decorations. Oh Lord!

Anambara people don worry us tire with letters, my phone has not stopped ringing. Willy I no know how to take answer our brothers and sisters wey dey your state. Any expo.”


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Pay tithe to the needy, not church, actress Huddah Monroe tells christians



Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe, has suggested to people to stop paying tithe to their churches and pay it to the poor and needy in the society.

She said this after donating a huge amount of money to a devastated woman whose husband had left her and the kids to fend for themselves while he moved in with another woman. The story touched her heart and as a cheerful giver, she reached out to the woman.

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According to Huddah, the act of giving to the poor and the needy is her way of paying tithe. She would not pay tithe to a well-established church, pastor or an organization to be misused.

She advised her followers to follow her way of paying tithe by giving to the people who truly need it.

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See image below;

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How my daughter almost die of high fever 22 years ago – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde



Nollywood goddess and movie producer Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has shared a harrowing tale of how she nearly lost her daughter when she was little.

Taking to her Instagram page, the celebrated Nigerian actress revealed that her first daughter Princess has a severe illness which when she one a year older.

According to Omotola, her daughter crumbled rapidly after getting feverish and at a point, it was as if she was dead.

She wrote;:

“She was scarcely a year, she begun running a temperature, can’t recall how long any longer… she is our first youngster and we had very little experience.

“Gave her some prescription didn’t appear to show signs of improvement… suddenly, she slipped into what appeared to be a COMA.

“I panicked, we all did… neighbours everybody shouting and proposing various types… she was holding her teeth wildly, an Old lady we knew in the area recommended to put a spoon and empty SALT into her mouth (Totally wrong move)” Pls cold shower”…

“We hurried her to the medical clinic and from the outset, the specialists were somewhat hesitant ( I surmise they thought it was a lost case) be that as it may, nearly absent a lot of rush she was chipped away at and miraculously, she returned!

“She had earlier turned cold and was not responsive… well

“We were told, it was “High fever” it had influenced her mind and she could likely not grow ordinarily or have the option to find her friends. Shy of saying a vegetable… As individuals of confidence, we approached God, utilized appropriate drug and in particular, applied additional exercises and regarded her Normal as others.

“From the outset, it was trying, as she developed, she battled, for the most part with her sight. She was unable to see things directly before her! Indeed, even in school, she would be placed in front and still not see. A couple of changed schools, glasses, extra exercises … we continued pushing.

“At each level, Princess Worked Extremely hard, harder than others. Continually attempting to refute everybody and pass.

“Each time we dreaded or questioned, she went without a hitch and moved to the next stage! Supernatural occurrences before our eyes… Today she not just completed well from Uni, she demands going for her Masters and is overcoming every one of her feelings of dread.

“Recently, she drove with her father without directions to and fro in rush hour gridlock all around v.i.

“You may not so much get this however any individual who’s been told they can’t accomplish or accomplish something particularly for wellbeing reasons will comprehend.

“This is the first occasion when I am stating this in broad daylight and Many will be shocked,some may go,oh… presently I get… Princess, you’ve been a motivation to Me without knowing. May you rouse others as well. God Continue to Bless you my #WCE”

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Nvde photos: RRS arrest Salawa Abeni’s blackmailer



The operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) has arrested a 19-year-old National Diploma holder of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos as the brain behind the blackmail of Queen Salawa Abeni with half- nude photographs.

The suspect, Olufowoke Oladunjoye Emmanuel, a resident of Brentfield Avenue, Peace Estate, Magboro, Ogun State, was picked up by the Decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad last week Thursday after three days of trailing him.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr Hakeem Odumosu had in the wake of the attempt by an unknown individual to blackmail Alhaja Salawa Abeni sometime in April 2020, directed the Commander, Rapid Response Squad, DCP Olatunji Disu to fish out the suspect.

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After a technical diagnosis of the complaint, the Decoy Team narrowed down on the suspect a few days later. Sources close to the team disclosed that the suspect couldn’t be picked because of the prevalence of COVID 19.

The suspect in his statement to the police confessed to having been the mastermind behind the ploy to publish some nude pictures of Waka Queen in exchange for money, adding that he was alone in the scheme.

The suspect, a 2017/2018 Electrical Engineering student of Yabatech, disclosed that he saw the nude pictures in a memory card which he picked up on the floor in Yabatech sometime in November 2019.

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He added that after downloading the nude photographs of Salawa Abeni on his phone, he picked up her mobile number from her Instagram page.

“On 1st of April, 2020, I chatted her up and also called her after sending a few of the photos to her online. My intention was to negotiate with her for few bucks and for me to destroy the photographs.

“I thought everything was going on fine until the following day when I heard the news of the blackmail over the radio. I was with my mother. She was even cursing the blackmailer unknown to her that I was the brain behind it.

“I immediately sneaked out, destroyed the memory card and threw my mobile phone and SIM card into a nearby wetland in Magboro. Since then, I never mentioned it to anyone and called Madam Salawa Abeni about it again,” he disclosed.

Commenting on the arrest, CP Hakeem Odumosu stated that no individual would be allowed to commit a crime in Lagos from any state or escape to other states in Nigeria to evade arrest.

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He advised guardians to monitor their wards, emphasizing that the internet is a fertile ground for opportunities but the State Command would not allow criminals to use it as an avenue to exploit law abiding Lagosians.

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