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Coronavirus, an international conspiracy from western world – Sheikh Jingir


Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir, Leader of Izala Muslim sect in Plateau State, said the deadly coronavirus was an international deceit from the western world.

Jingir said it was a western conspiracy to stop Muslims from performing their religious rites, noting that the virus, was a lie.

The Islamic leader in a sermon to his followers on an Izala TV, monitored in Kaduna on Tuesday, insisted that corona-virus was all lies.

He noted that even the Present of Turkey had said Muslims shouldn’t shut mosque because of corona-virus, saying that they don’t believe in the deadly disease but Allah.

He specifically fingered the US President Donald Trump of having hand in the Corona-virus issue, asking his followers of the number of corona-virus victims they had seen or where victims had been buried.

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He said any Muslim who believed in Trump’s corona-virus and stopped praying at the holy mosque in Mecca, should seek for God’s forgiveness.

He said:

“My religion of Islam is greater than my life; my president. No one can stop me from performing salat(prayer). Trump was amazed when he saw the circumambulation around the Kaaba in Mecca during his visit to Saudi Arabia.”

“He(Trump) therefore, vowed to stop it. Prophet Ibrahim (AS)has already prayed for the safety and security of Mecca.

“So, whoever believes in Trump’s coronavirus and stopped praying in the holy mosque in Mecca, should seek forgiveness and open the two holy mosques for the Muslims to pray.”

Jingir added:

“Is the virus as effective as fire that couldn’t burn Prophet Ibrahim( AS)? Then the virus is a lie.

“Whatever you will say, say the truth…a professor has said it was a lie…I’m sure some have heard him.

“President of Turkey declared that they shouldn’t stop the Juma’at congregation because of coronavirus. That they don’t believe in the virus, they only believe in Allah.

Another country in Europe also took the same path. Ask President Trump. This coronavirus that was written in a book 39 years ago, is it now that they are unveiling it. How many graves of coronavirus victims have you seen. How many of the victims have you seen in hospitals?

“We were witnessed to the cholera epidemic in Kano and we saw how massive burials were done. We saw the graves. But where are those of coronavirus victims?

“Personally, to me, coronavirus is a lie. Every Muslim knows that Dujjal will appear at the end of the world, this Dujjal is a liar; a worthless liar who will appear and claim to be God. He has one eye and will travel round the world in 40 days.

“Dujjai will come to the world and deceive people with lies. So, those who were misled by Trump’s coronavirus, will easily be misled by Dujjal.

“Prophet Muhammad( SAW)has said that the first thing a man will be judged with hereafter is the salat. Now they are toying with our salat.”


RCCG issues guidelines for resumption of services, stops children church




The Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG] has issued a seven-page guidelines for all its parishes.

According to the guidelines, which is called “Church re-opening strategy,” children churches in all the parishes will remain closed in the event that the government decides to reopen worship centres.

The Assistant General Overseer (Admin/Personnel), Pastor J. F. Odesola, in a May 28, 2020 memo, addressed the guidelines to all the church’s assistants general overseer, special assistants to the general overseer, as well as pastors in charge of regions and provinces.

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Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases on Sunday exceeded 10,000 according to a statement by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on its website.

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COVID-19: NMA, NANNM, PSN speak on reopening of worship centres



The Nigerian Medical Association [NMA], the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives [NANNM] as well as the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria [PSN] spoke on reopening of worship centres as the country battles coronavirus [COIVID-19] pandemic.

The new President of the NMA, Prof Innocent Ujah, said the government should approach the issue of reopening of worship centres scientifically.

He said the government must sensitise religious groups and other segments of society to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

Ujah stated that churches, mosques and others must abide by social distancing and use of face masks.

He stated,

“What have we put on the ground to say they should push back a little bit? I don’t have the answer because I have to have evidence.

“They said there shouldn’t be more than 50 in a church or a mosque. But have we not seen congregation of people everywhere? What about markets?”

“But I have no power to say yes or no. I am only saying we should approach these things scientifically, because it’s science. It’s not about emotions. The National Orientation Agency should also do its job. In this case, in my opinion, the NOA is not doing well. I think it should do more in sensitisation.”

He noted that with the eased lockdown, Nigerians were not abiding by social distancing and the use of face masks.

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Ujah stated,

“The issue of face masks and physical distancing is not obeyed or followed. I am a scientist and I’ve even commissioned some boys to look at the compliance on the use of face masks and social distancing.”

On non-compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, Ujah said though burials should be done quietly, people had been sighted crowding around graves.

He stated,

“If you go to Lugbe, Nyanya (Abuja) or a place like Mararaba, Nasarawa State, there is nothing like social distancing. Over 90 per cent do not wear face masks. You have to have water to wash hands. We need to know whether there is universal availability of water to wash hands. That’s the truth.”

But the President of the NANNM, Abdulrafiu Adeniji, said the reopening of churches and mosques should be gradual.

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The nurses’ president said,

“In the first instance, they (churches and mosques) are expected to be partners of progress with the government. A religious organisation (in the United States) went to court against the government and it lost. There is no way it could say the government should not try as much as possible to enforce public health law.”

But the General Secretary of the PSN, Emeka Duru, said the important issue regarding reopening churches and mosques was the economic ramifications.

According to him, churches are more ready than other sectors for reopening.

Duru said,

“I think churches, from what I can perceive, are more ready, because they want to continue their activities, and they wouldn’t want the Federal Government interrupting their activities again, so they would try to enforce guidelines.

“For instance, in the Catholic Church, to which I belong, they also tell people not to engage in stretching of hands anymore. I believe that churches, especially the Catholic Church, would decide the number of people that will attend a particular session of mass, so that there would be a reduced number of people.”

He, however, expressed concern about the reopening of what he described as “mushroom churches.”

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The PSN secretary-general explained that in such churches, as with any uncontrolled gatherings, “anything can happen, just like the buses we see on the road where everybody is on his own.”

Duru said,

“It is not a matter of being ready. It is a question of if our economy is ready to sustain the present reality we have found ourselves. The Federal Government is a big institution, including provision of security, and it wouldn’t like to be embarrassed as the citizens are opening up the lockdown themselves.”


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100-year-old woman recovers from Coronavirus in Indonesia



Amid fear of mass deaths recorded by the world owing to the deadly disease, Coronavirus, a 100-year-old Indonesian woman has reportedly recovered from COVID-19, making her the country’s oldest survivor of the deadly disease.

Officials disclosed that the woman identified as Kamtim was discharged from the hospital after a month of treatment in her hometown Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-biggest city.

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According to The Hindu, Ms. Kamtim was taken to hospital last month after showing Coronavirus symptoms before it was confirmed she had it.

The daughter-in-law of the 100-year-old recovered patient, Siti Aminah credited her recovery to “discipline and persistence”.

“Every day I checked her condition with nurses and they always told me that she was very strong and diligent about taking her medicine,” Ms. Aminah said.

“She was very motivated to get better.”

It was not clear how the home-bound woman contracted the virus.

“She probably got it when people from the neighbourhood came around to visit since she never goes outside,” said Ms. Aminah.

East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa while speaking on her recovery said she hoped Ms. Kamtim’s story would give a boost to at-risk residents.

“I hope her recovery can motivate elderly people during the pandemic,” Ms. Parawansa added.

Indonesia has confirmed more than 26,000 cases of COVID-19 and 1,613 deaths.

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