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Coronavirus, my experience – Nigerian dancer Dayo Liadi


Long before there was Kaffy, a professional dancer shook Nigeria and the world: his name is Dayo Liadi. The singer, actor, and dancer just returned from the Netherlands and he shares his experience with the pandemic ravaging the world at the moment, Covid-19/Coronavirus.

He said,

Five days before I left Europe, I started feeling serious throat pain, cough, sneezing and fever. I was in France and the Netherlands for meetings, holidays and work for about three months. I was always with my little son, taking care of him, performing my fatherly responsibilities. Unfortunately, he had fever and cold for about four days, and his mom had to go to work every day. However, following his recovery, I started feeling serious throat pain, chest pain, fever; general coughing and sneezing. I took the same normal medications (adult doses) as my son did and felt well. I later felt relieved of the fever, throat pain and chest pain but the cough, sneezing, chest irritation and spitting didn’t stop.

“Thrice my efforts to have a quick appointment with the doctor in France were aborted because doctors were on vacation. When they finally gave me an appointment, it fell on a day when I would have arrived Nigeria. I became very curious, angry and frustrated with everything around me. But because I just finished fifty days fasting and prayers, I decided to hold on to my faith in God and rely on Him, believing He would take care of me.

“While I was agitating, I went to pharmacist shops in Europe, told them my health condition, hoping they would give me something to cure my condition but they said they couldn’t give me any serious or strong medication, except I showed them a signed doctor’s directive and prescriptions. This was in the last three days of February.

“About 30 minutes before landing in Lagos airport, the cabin crew gave all passengers a special Nigerian form to fill in respect of the Coronavirus control. I filled the form truthfully concerning my health status, resolving to face any consequence at the border control.

“We were at the control section for over one hour, with everyone on the queue sweating like Christmas goat. Finally, I was well checked but I wasn’t stopped. I said to myself, my God is at work.

“The next day, I quickly went to see my doctor. I told him my condition and he gave me four injections, with lots of drugs. I stayed at home for two weeks, going out only on five occasions: first to see my doctor, and then to church at RCCG Beula Chapel on March 8 between 10am and 12.30noon; for special night prayer on March 12 between 6pm and 9pm; to church for all-night special non-stop praise and worship programme on March 13 between 9pm and 5 am, and to church again for special thanksgiving on March 15 between 9am and 1.30pm.”

Liadi said he did everything he could to make sure no other person contract his disease. He noted that he maintained his adrenaline by keeping himself active while self-isolating at home.

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He said,

Actually, I did everything possible to make sure no single person had a close contact with me. There were no handshakes, no hugs or close contacts with anyone at the church. I was far from people one hundred per cent. I kept myself active by dancing at home with the little strength I had.

“Meanwhile, I was always feeling tired and seriously weak inside every day. I couldn’t do much or eat much but kept asking God to renew my strength. I also strictly followed all the instructions and directives I got online and on TV concerning COVID-19 virus.

“To the glory of God, I can now say that I am completely okay, feeling extraordinarily strong and great with no symptoms.

Liadi, however, refused to disclose if at any time his doctors confirmed he had coronavirus, insisting he would rather leave it between himself, his doctors and God.

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Liadi said,

“I would like us to leave that area between me, my doctor and God. The most important thing, for now, is that I am perfectly okay and doing great to the glory of God.

“What I do know is that it was not easy for me staying indoors for three good weeks (about a week between France and Netherlands and two weeks in Nigeria). I took eleven injections along with several other drugs. I haven’t taken that many drug all my life.”

The dancer further expressed his amazement at not being stopped at the nation’s airport despite his declaration of his health condition. He, however, said he might have been passed because of his celebrity status. He said,

“However, it still baffles me that I was not stopped at any airport despite all my declaration of my health condition. I was very much expecting them to stop me because I was coughing seriously and sneezing almost every ten to fifteen minutes. So I think that was negligence on the part of the control officials. I arrived on 2nd of March at 8:15pm on KLM Airlines.

I remember too well that I crossed three strong international borders within four days without any incident. That practically undermines all the tough talks about controlling the coronavirus through border checks and closure. I believe God Himself wanted to reveal to me that He is the only one who can protect, heal, and set free of every sickness and bondage.

He added,

I don’t know and I’m not too sure. But I suspect that seriously – because some of them know me very well and we do joke a lot while they go about their duties.

“This is my testimony, and this is why I have doubts about our immigration system truly and seriously preventing any dangerous virus at our boarder entries – whether land, sea or air.

‘I give all thanks and praises to God for my healing. I must let all Nigerians and the world, know that it is only God that can heal, protect and save. Closing boundaries can’t protect any nation from CoronaVirus because the virus moves very easily and fast through the air and no one can stop or predict the air.

The Nation

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WHO to resume trial of hydroxychloroquine on COVID-19



Covid-19: WHO set to resume hydroxychloroquine trials

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says it will resume its trial of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, stated this in official twitter account of the UN health agency.

According to him, the hydroxychloroquine section of the WHO’s Solidarity Trial can resume after being paused temporarily on May 25.

The trial’s Data Safety and Monitoring Committee had halted the study as a precaution in response to safety concerns raised by an observational study published in the Lancet.

Ghebreyesus said the Data Safety Monitoring Board’s review had been completed.

“Last week, the Executive Group of the Solidarity Trial decided to implement a temporary pause of the hydroxychloroquine arm of the trial, because of concerns raised about the safety of the drug.

“This decision was taken as a precaution while the safety data were reviewed; the Data Safety and Monitoring Committee of the Solidarity Trial has been reviewing the data.

“On the basis of the available mortality data, the members of the committee recommended that there are no reasons to modify the trial protocol.

“The Executive Group received this recommendation and endorsed the continuation of all arms of the Solidarity Trial, including hydroxychloroquine.

“The Executive Group will communicate with the principal investigators in the trial about resuming the hydroxychloroquine arm,’’ he said.
The director-general said the Data Safety and Monitoring Committee would continue to closely monitor the safety of all therapeutics being tested in the Solidarity Trial.

“So far, more than 3,500 patients have been recruited in 35 countries.

“WHO is committed to accelerating the development of effective therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics as part of our commitment to serving the world with science, solutions and solidarity,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Nigeria, on May 27, declared that it would continue with hydroxychloroquine clinical trials on COVID-19 patients.

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Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, the Director-General of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) said the country would continue with the drug, in spite of the initial warning by WHO to discontinue using it.

”I do not know the data that they’re looking at, whether it’s from the Caucasian population or from the African population.

”If the data they’re looking at, and the reason for suspending the trials, is from the Caucasian population, then it may be justified.

“But I don’t think we have data from the African population yet, because our genetic makeup is different.

”If medical doctors, research scientists, pharmacists, herbal experts work together, we should conclude the clinical trial in three-four months.
“The narrative might change afterward but for now, we believe in hydroxychloroquine,” she said.


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Nigeria Update

Ebonyi govt shut offices after cabinet members test positive for Coronavirus



David Umahi

The Governor of Ebonyi state has ordered the immediate closure of all government officers after cabinet members tested positive for coronavirus.

Ebonyi Governor David Umahi has given instruction that all government offices in the state be closed with immediate effect for decontamination to begin.

This became necessary after some Executive Council members tested positive for coronavirus.

Umahi gave the directive in a statement by the Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Orji Uchenna Orji.

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He expressed concerns over the increasing cases of coronavirus in the state, which stands at 75 out of the over 3,000 sample tests conducted.

Although he did not give the names of the cabinet members who tested positive to the virus, the Governor described the situation as disturbing.

He noted the positive cabinet members are receiving treatment and all in stable conditions.

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The government offices, he directed, will be shut from Thursday, June 4- Wednesday, June 10 to allow for decontamination.

“All civil servants shall work from their respective homes within this period but shall leave their phones open to respond to official imperatives.

“All Exco members and Government officials, especially of the Ministries of Finance and Budget, are advised to undergo COVID-19 test within this seven days period.

“The Governor further advises that during this period of close down of Government offices, all workers, especially from the two Ministries aforementioned, should go into self-isolation.

“All site operations shall, however, remain open, but must be in strict observance of COVID-19 protocol.”

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COVID-19: Lagos Catholic Archdiocese opposes continued closure of churches



The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev Alfred Adewale Martins, on Wednesday, opposed the continued closure of worship centres by the state government.

The Archbishop in a statement by the archdiocese’s Director of Social Communications, Rev. Fr Anthony Godonu, called on the Lagos State Government to ease the restriction on religious gatherings in the state.

Martins was reacting to a statement by the state government through its Commissioner for Home Affairs, Mr Anofiu Elegushi, who on Tuesday said the ban on religious gatherings had not been lifted.

He wondered why it was concluded that the virus could spread at places of worship when people gathered in markets, motor parks and banks.

Martins stated,

“There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is real, and we all feel concerned that the numbers are rising. However, we know also that the virus will be with us for some time and more testing will reveal more infected persons but at the same time the truth is that life must go on. We believe strongly that churches as institutions are better able to exert control of situations and maintain discipline among their faithful than most other institutions.”

“The argument that we can pray in our individual houses and God will hear our prayers is true but it is also true for us as Christians that gathering together to worship is our heritage and practice arising from the Holy Bible. It was in the gathering of the Apostles that the Holy Spirit came down upon them(Acts.2:1); the early Christians gathered together in private homes for prayers and the breaking of the Bread(Acts 2:46) until the number became too large to handle in private homes and it became necessary to have Church buildings.

“If Christians were willing to suspend their right to gather in Church buildings for the sake of common good at a time when all gatherings of people were suspended, it is unfair and unjust for government to restrict gatherings for worship when other gatherings are being allowed. Anyone who argues that gathering to worship is not essential as it is to eat and get money from the bank, obviously does not understand the spiritual, emotional, and psychological soothing that Christians get from gathering together to worship.

“In any case, are we saying that it is more dangerous for people to gather to worship than it is to gather for banking and trading or that it is gathering for worship that is responsible for the spread of the virus?”

He said the archdiocese considered as fair, the position of Lagos State Government that it would approve a set of guidelines and monitor adherence to them.

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Martins stated,

“The monitoring is even more easily done in churches than in markets and motor parks or other places where the virus can even be more easily spread. This “volte-face” of government gives the impression that the position of Christians is considered secondary and of no consequence in the affairs of the state.”

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