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COVID-19 meant to prove certain prophets, ‘men of God’ as liars – Anglican bishop


An Anglican Bishop has said the coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic ravaging the world is an act of God meant to prove certain prophets and pastors as liars.

WuzupNigeria reports that across Africa supposed ‘men of God’, speaking in tongues and doing ‘abracadabra’ healing, miracles are always in the news. The process for performing the miracles goes from the very mundane like vomiting miracle money; to curing deadline diseases in an instant and, yes, the hazardous. 

And as the world races against time to develop a cure for COVID-19, the Most Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma, who is the Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and Bishop of Enugu Diocese, says the disease was meant to humble the world which has “become very disobedient, proud, arrogant, unruly, and immoral.”

Referencing the punishment mete on the Israelites in the Bible, the Bishop says:

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“COVID-19 is a pandemic from China which I think God has brought to the world to teach us a lesson like he did in the time of the Israelites because the whole world was in disarray. We had become very disobedient, proud, arrogant, unruly, and immoral, among others. There is bad governance, cheating and so much injustice in the country and the whole world.

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“Many a time, we think we are greater than God and God has now made us humble. It is a disease that has come to humble everybody. It has come to also teach that some people’s prophecies can be faulted. All these people who make false prophecies and fake miracle workers or healers; this coronavirus pandemic has come to prove them to be liars and God has come to let us know that He is greater than everybody.

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“It has also sensitised us, particularly Nigerians, to be conscious of our health and know that health is important because when it first started, evidence showed that we were not ready at all. Imagine the capital of Nigeria, Abuja, not having a good isolation centre which made the late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, to be taken to Lagos. Why should somebody at that level be taken to a private hospital and not a government hospital? It means we have failed. Nigerian government has failed to take healthcare delivery in the country seriously.”


SHOCKING! After 18 years of marriage, Nigerian couple welcome set of twins three weeks apart (Video)



A Nigerian man identified as Mr David Bankole has recounted the mysterious events that led to the birth of a set of twins delivered by his wife.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the new parents of twins testified of the miraculous birthing of their twins that even shocked medical professionals who delivered the twins.

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Mr Bankole revealed that his wife delivered her first ‘twin’ on the 19th of June 2020 and it was welcomed with joy as a naming ceremony was thrown to celebrate their newborn.

Few days after the event, Mrs Bankole began feeling movements in her belly and told her husband about it but he waved it off, saying she is not over the pregnancy experience yet.

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But the movement persisted till she started having feelings of triggered labour again. According to Mr Bankole, she was taken to the hospital for a scan and to the awe of everyone, including the medical examiner, a heartbeat was found and a second baby was delivered on the 10th of July 2020.

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Watch the video below;

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My boyfriend started crying when I told him I was leaving, lady shares video



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share the moment her boyfriend broke into tears after she announced she was leaving his place for home.

The unidentified lady in the caption of the video revealed that her boyfriend couldn’t keep it together as soon as he set his eyes on her.

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She wrote:

“He saw me today and started crying lmao and when i wanted to leave, it was a lot…”

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Watch the cute video below:

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Archaeologists discover skeleton buried with 2,100 year old IPhone (Photos)



Archaeologists were shocked to discover an “iPhone” buried with the fossils of a woman in a grave believed to be over 2,000 years old.

They made the discovery in the Russian republic of Tuva, known as “The Russian Atlantis”.

The grave area remains underwater for most of the year and only drains in the months of May and June. This is when researchers get the opportunity to study the area.

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Archaeologists have named the woman “Natasha” and they called the object found buried with her and decorated with Chinese wuzhu coins an “iPhone”, according to the Siberian Times.


But the object is in fact a rather large belt buckle, and the coins which decorate it are believed to have been minted around 2,137 years ago.

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Dr Marina Kilunovskaya from the St Petersburg Institute of Material History Culture described the site where the body of “Natasha” and also the body of a leather designer was found, as a “scientific sensation”.

She said her archaeological expedition team was “incredibly lucky” to discover the ancient burial sites, which had avoided being found by grave robbers.

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