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Does credit alert get you wet? Lady shares raunchy chats from Twitter influencer Ayo FBI [Photos]



Does credit alert get you wet? Lady shares raunchy chats from Twitter influencer Ayo FBI [Photos]

Twitter users in Nigeria woke up on Tuesday morning to another drama from two popular social media users @Yettyclassy and @Puremind_ (Ayo FBI).

Perhaps you have been wondering why Yetty, Ayo FBI, Puremind and Konji all made Twitter trends in Nigeria on Tuesday morning, look no further, it is all about the story of these two Twitter influencers. Their story of love turned sour and an alleged attempt by Ayo to ‘sexually defraud’ Yetty who was just recovering from a heartbreak.

Yetty took to the micro-blogging site on Monday night to share screenshots of several raunchy private messages she received from Ayo in an attempt to shame him for deceiving her.

In the screenshots, Ayo started sending raunchy messages to Yetty several months ago with the intention to date her. The screenshots suggested that Yetty was treading carefully as she was just recovering from a heartbreak.

Their friendship started getting sour on August 26 when Ayo took to Twitter to post photos of his girlfriend in celebration of their one year relationship anniversary. The tweet apparently left Yetty heartbroken because Ayo never made it clear to her that he was in a relationship. To fight back, she started posting subliminal tweets to shame Ayo.

Speculations became rife on Twitter that Ayo jilted Yetty after posting anniversary photos of himself and his girlfriend. The post prompted some friends of Yetty to also launch indirect Twitter attacks on Ayo with subliminal tweets calling him a deceitful person who wanted to take advantage of Yetty’s ‘vulnerability’ to ‘get down with her’, but failed.

Yetty finally let the cat out of the bag on Monday night when she posted a series of tweets to drag Ayo for being deceitful and also clarified that she was never jilted. She backed up her claims with screenshots of their conversations dating back to March 2019.

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It was a thread with a lot of receipts as they call it on Twitter.

She tweeted:

“Ayo says he doesn’t keep secrets from his woman. A woman I didn’t know about not until the day he posted anniversary pictures. Kept acting single with me and pressuring me for sex saying we should practice sexual liberation since we are two single adults.

“He didn’t jilt me because we weren’t in a relationship. This was a case of someone who just wanted to have sex but used lies and deceit to get it. I kept posting him and telling him I wasn’t interested. He even offered me money just so I could agree.

“Because I was messed up anyways I wasn’t ready to go down that route and he knew that. Even told me that I’m too strong willed. Told him sex was the last thing on my mind. And he goes I have to be the one to push you to be interested.

“I love you I love you all the time. So I decided to ask what he meant. As per there’s friendship love and there’s relationship love. That which one is it as I don’t like to assume. He goes “ ah Yetunde if you are ready to marry tomorrow, I’ll marry you. That’s how much I love you.

“So Ayo says this is staged. He probably thinks I won’t share screenshots. As per I’m fragile and I no get liver. Lmaooooooooo you don’t fucking know me.

“Well, Ayo said he’s been in his relationship for a year bah. Please read the time stamp on those messages. As for those laughing. Na book. It will get to your page soon.”

She then shared screenshots of their conversations:


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She added,

Well after he posted the anniversary ish. I started subbing him. Childish I know. But he had been giving me attitude so I couldn’t confront him. So someone shows him the subs and then he confronts me instead. This is what ensued.”


Ayo, who seems to be undeterred by Yetty’s post which has made Yetty, Ayo FBI and Konji trending topics on Twitter on Tuesday morning, didn’t react as he was tweeting unrelated posts and going about with his normal activities.

Meanwhile, some social media users have criticised Yetty for not being a good apostate of what she preached on social media.

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They dug up her recent tweet where she described people who leak private conversation on social media as immature.

Others are also dragging Ayo for being deceitful and corny.

See some of the reactions.




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