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#EndSARS: Tech entrepreneur, Victor Asemota, unveils mobile app to report police brutality


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A foremost Nigerian Technology entrepreneur Victor Asemota has unveiled a mobile app ‘Waze’ where Nigerians can report cases of police brutality.

Asemota, the founder of SwiftaCorp, a pioneering African software and technology services group, unveiled the app on his Twitter page while narrating how he was humiliated and extorted by policemen in Lagos in 1995.

He said the cases of police brutality which has grown to be a national menace was not very rampant across the country at the time of his ordeal.

The unveiling of the app is coming on the heels of the recent humiliation and extortation of a software developer Toni Astro by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Ketu, Lagos on Saturday.

In a series of tweets via his verified Twitter handle @asemota, he said “If you see a SARS incident or see them lurking around, report it on Waze in the interest of others. This can work until a better app specifically dedicated to reporting incidents can be built.”

He tweeted:

In 1995, some policemen stopped me at Ogunlana drive in Surulere. They wanted to search and see the contents of my bag. They didn’t have any warrant. They found my printed letterheads and demanded to see my certificate of incorporation or I go back with them to the station.

“They held me there sitting on the floor on a busy road for 3 hours until the shame made me give them all the money I had with me which was 500 Naira. A lot of money at that time. I decided to stop carrying a bag in Lagos. We didn’t have this problem at all in Benin City then.

“Now, the Police/SARS corruption epidemic is nationwide. It is probably now much worse in Benin and other major urban suburbs. They prey on those they believe have nobody to fight for them. Those who cannot talk and will continue to fear them. This is oppression.

“Even if young people all have ID cards, they will still find a reason to bully them. The excuse they have now is 419 but they know who the 419 kingpins are. They even praise and protect them. They have become government-sanctioned criminals funding institutional corruption.

“Something drastic has to happen to stop this. Maybe when tech people start doing countersurveillance and publicly revealing locations and names of SARS operatives they will be pushed to the wall. Right now they are going after individuals, a group fighting back will be lethal.

First, I encourage EVERYONE to download and use the @waze app. If you see a SARS incident or see them lurking around, report it on Waze in the interest of others. This can work until a better app specifically dedicated to reporting incidents can be built.

“Young people especially in tech have to fight back as a group. If you ask me what the most important apps are that young people in Nigeria need today? It will be apps to help avoid police harassment or kidnapping and also anything to help relocate to places like Canada.

“While other countries are harnessing the power of youth, the Nigerian leaders are standing by idly while our young people are being harassed. The time for their reckoning is also coming. Maybe a political force to replace them all may be more effective than fighting SARS.

“The policemen who extorted me in 1995 are now the bosses of those killing people today. You can imagine what it will be like in another 24 years. If it doesn’t stop now, we might as well all leave Nigeria for them.”

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Professor sacked for saying ‘slavery was not genocide’



Canterbury Christ Church University has bowed to pressure from students and labour unions to sack Historian David Starkey after the visiting professor claimed in an interview that ‘slavery was not genocide’ because ‘so many damn blacks live in Africa and Britain.’

The 75-year-old academic who is a visiting professor at the university made the comments during an online interview with Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes for YouTube channel Reasoned UK.

During the interview, Starkey said:

“Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain, would there? An awful lot of them survived and again there’s no point in arguing against globalisation or Western civilisation. They are all products of it, we are all products of it.

“The honest teaching of the British Empire is to say, quite simply, it is the first key stage of our globalisation. It is probably the most important moment in human history and it is still with us.”

The interview sparked a backlash online, even British-Nigerian historian David Olusoga reacted, tweeting,

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‘This is truly disgusting. And by the same ridiculous, twisted logic the Holocaust would not be counted as a genocide.’

The university has now put out a statement announcing the professor’s sack while apologizing to students and staff of the school.

In a statement today Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam College said:

“The Master has accepted Dr David Starkey’s resignation of his honorary fellowship with immediate effect.

“Fitzwilliam prides itself in leading the way in Cambridge in opening access to higher education for under-represented groups. Our student and academic bodies are diverse and welcoming to all. We do not tolerate racism.

“Honorary fellows have the same responsibility as all members of our college to uphold our values.”

Vice-chancellor of Canterbury Christ Church University Professor Rama has also apologised.

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He said:

“Widely reported comments by historian David Starkey during a recent online interview are, in our view, completely unacceptable and do not reflect the values of our university and community. We have therefore terminated, with immediate effect, Dr Starkey’s visiting professorship.

“I would like to say sorry to colleagues and students who will have been offended and upset by such comments of this appalling nature, and in particular in these challenging and difficult times for us all.”

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My husband throws condoms used on his girlfriend in my face, wife tells court



bride price

A 60-year-old Zambian woman has told the court that she would reconcile with her 89-year-old husband if only he undergoes an HIV test.

According to the woman, her husband throws used condoms in her face whenever he came back from having sex with other women.

“My 89-yr-old husband throws the condoms that he uses on his girlfriend in my face and tells me that I am a worthless person,” she said.

According to the Zambia Observer, the woman identified as Astridah Bwale testified that her 89-yr-old  husband, Rodrick Mwale told her that she stinks and that there were beautiful women out there who were better than her.

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She told the court that she never saw her husband’s salary and he does not buy food for the family.

Astridah alleged that Rodrick only spent money on his girlfriends.

The plaintiff narrated that her husband got his retirement package without her knowledge and that she had no idea how he used the money.

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She also complained that Rodrick had in the last four years been sleeping at his girlfriend’s house and that it was the reason that they did not have sex.

The plaintiff also said that she and her family lived in a house without a roof due to the failure by the defendant to buy roofing sheets.

She told the court that she was willing to reconcile with her 89-yr-old husband as long as he agrees to go for an HIV test.

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Problems between the couple who had nine children started in 1988 after her husband found a job.

Testifying earlier,  Rodrick told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2015 after his wife stopped washing for him.

He told the court that his wife also started starving him sexually and that the two have never had sex since 2015.

Ganerton senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda reconciled the couple and ordered them to go for an HIV test.


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Man battles NCDC staff who came to take him to their center for Quarantine (Video)



A video making rounds online, shows Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, officials battling with a suspected COVID-19 patient who was refusing to go with them to the isolation centre.

In the video, two officials of the NCDC dressed in their complete PPE can be seen dragging and carrying the man out of his gates while he cursed them out, shouting that he does not want to go with them.

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Turning deaf ears to his request, the officials continued to drag him.


Watch the video below;


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