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Ex-employees share gory tales of working with Muyiwa and Glory Osei of LandLagos, PorkMoney

Glory Osei


Ex-employees share gory tales of working with Muyiwa and Glory Osei of LandLagos, PorkMoney

Some Nigerians have taken to social media to share their experiences working with a ‘couple’ Muyiwa Folorunsho and Glory Osei the founders of Divergent Enterprise – the parent company of a real estate firm LandLagos, PorkMoney and Hyberfactory.

In a series of tweets from different Twitter users who claimed to be former employees of the company, they accused Muyiwa and Glory of being inhumane to their staff and running a fraudulent company.

“They bully their staff and then sack them a couple of weeks after hiring,” a Twitter user claimed.

Glory Osei, who many social media users accused of posing as a single lady despite being married to Muyiwa, is popular on Twitter for her virile advocacy for feminism.

Her tweet about vacant positions in one of their companies sparked the uproar and damning verdict about the credibility of the company.

She tweeted:

Shortly after her tweet on Thursday October 17, a Twitter user @TheRealAda called out Glory and accused her and Muyiwa of running a fraudulent business enterprise.

Ada wrote:

“I started working with Divergent Enterprise in June 2019 (position withheld). I didn’t know much about the company and was just excited to work. I also didn’t know Glory and Muyiwa were married to each other. The most popular brand for Divergent is Landlagos.

“For Landlagos, he had different lands for sale (3m, 4.5m, 5m and 12m). I’ll talk about the 3m lands because that’s the real scam. So the title of the 3m land was “Excision in Process” which means the lands were for muyiwa but the government still had a big right to claim them.

“Muyiwa sold these lands to people regardless with the help of the sales staff. Sold a lot of plots! As I write this, there’s no land anymore. Government has reallocated those plots to someone else so muyiwa has eaten your money just Incase you bought land from him.

“Let’s talk about Porkmoney. Porkmoney is a supposed “pig farm” that needed funds to produce the end product which is “Porkoyum” Porkoyum office is at Ogba. So what Muyiwa did was that he’d tell people to invest a certain amount and then say he’d add pay back with interest after 11 months. There were different batches for the pork money scheme (Ponzi scheme). This is what Muyiwa did. First batch paid, muyiwa used their money to flex. After 11 months, he started another batch which he used to pay the first batch. We know how MMM worked now.

“No need for plenty talk. Let’s talk about hyberfactory. They sell fake hair and a lot of other fake stuff at ridiculously high prices. If you know about hair like I do, you’d understand what I’m saying there was one day one minister or something had an event on the same street as Divergent. Guys, muyiwa was on his way to work when he saw policemen everywhere. He turned around! He’s scared to be seen because he’s s fraud!

“Dearest Glory! Witch! She’s wicked! You people that worship her are trying! She treats people like trash! The creative team at Divergent can testify to this. One of the photographers resigned last week. His reason, “that place is too toxic”

At Divergent the fastest way to lose your job is to piss Glory off. If you make a mistake at Divergent, you’ll be fined for it and this fine is from 5k upwards. 5 mistakes = 25k from your salary. They hired 2 content creators. Fired one of them in 3 days, fired the other one In one week. Oh did I tell you how Muyiwa wanted to replace the head HR simply because she missed work for a few days (her son was admitted at the hospital) and they knew!

“Friday 27th September 2019, at exactly 4:45pm. Muyiwa called COO and head HR to fire everyone at Hyberfactory, Landlagos and some other people. Myself inclusive. No reason, no payment in lieu, nothing. The Head HR had to stay back to make sure our salaries would be paid before She resigned. Basically, Glory is a scam, she’s VERY married to Muyiwa Folorunso who is also a big ass FRAUD. Divergent Enterprise should be investigated and shut down. This is the end of my thread. I will answer any questions you have. Thank you.”

Another social media user Laurel Chinedu also shared the tale of a former employee of the company which corroborates the claims of Ada.

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He took to his Twitter page to share the tale of the former employee identified simply as AY.

Chinedu tweeted:

A Letter from one of Glory Osei @glory_osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho victim I happen to be a fresh graduate who was desperate to get a job and never wanted to stay at home.

“I came across a job advert for the position of a communication executive, which I applied and was called for an interview and later got the job with TRUEREBEL FASHION COMPANY

“I was so happy that I got the Job but my parents were against the job and refused to support me with 20k for transportation which I asked for. So I had to borrow 20k from my neighbor which I hope to pay at the end of the month after my salary might have been paid.

“At the end of the month I was not paid. I pleaded with my neighbour to exercise patient till the following month & also collected another 15k for transportation for the second month. When the second month ended, I was not still paid. So I started dodging my neighbour.

“The CEO Mr. Muyiwa Folorunsho ask us to come to work one Saturday without extra pay, which wasn’t part of our agreement. So we didn’t go. The following Monday morning he came with some uniform men with AK.47 to match us out of the office without paying me my salary.

“Now Truerebel Fashion Company has turned me an enemy against my neighbor whom I have not been able to pay. He has also turned me an enemy against my parent. When I look back, my heart is always filled with regret and pain

“What makes me cry is the fact that I was used as an instrument by the company to strip Nigerians Unclad of their hard earned foreign exchange, defraud unsuspecting Nigerians and sell fake jewelries while his other staffs in other companies sold fake lands in Lagos. I was only used as an accomplices. Nigerian graduates, please beware of this scammer.

“I had to sell my laptop to offset my debt and since 2014. They have refused to pay me my salary. I have left it in the hands of God. Please Retweet so that Nigerians will know this two criminals Yours sincerely AY.”

Another former employee, identified also shared here ordeal via her handle @Toluulope.

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She wrote:

Everything I’m seeing as regards Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho is very true, after NYSC I got a job with them , was told we would be payed 40k as communication executives, when it was time to pay they said the first week was for training so we were entitled to 30k.

“We had no form of training whatsoever, was given a phone the day I resumed to start work for ShapeYou and we were told na 30k them go pay…. They have had it coming for a long time. Whatever the F they said they did, they did it.

“I left after they paid me that month, at least before I was fired because they fire as they like and hire as they please. This was far back as 2015. 4 years later and they still haven’t changed .SMH”

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