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Excited Muslims share useful tips for Ramadan


Excited Muslims share useful tips for Ramadan

Some excited Muslim faithful have taken to Twitter to share some useful tips on the forthcoming Ramadan which will begin on Monday, 6th May 2019 (according to Saudi Arabia) and end on Tuesday, 4th June 2019. Eid al Fitr 2019 will be on Wednesday, 5th June 2019.

Ramadan (also known as Ramzan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan), observed by Muslims worldwide, is one of the Five Pillars of Islam which is made obligatory on all adult Muslims in the Second Year of Hijri (Migration from Makkah to Madinah of Muslims.)

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The only people exempted from keeping a fast are the ones who are menstruating or breastfeeding, travelling, aged, pregnant, diabetic and chronically ill.

In respect of this, some Twitter users have itemised various do’s and don’t for people who would partake in the fast.

The length of the Month varies between 29 and 30 days depending on the sighting of the Shawwal Moon which leads to the awaited festival of Eid ul Fitr on the 1st of Shawwal.

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See some tips about #ramadan2019:

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