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Five Nigerian hangouts to check out for the weekend

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Five Nigerian hangouts to check out for the weekend

It is Friday again and many folks are TGIFing already.

The folks are looking forward to hanging out with others for the weekend in different corners of the country. Some already have events lined up for the traditional Nigerian weekend. Some others though are still considering exactly where to go.

Here are five suggestions for you for this weekend.

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 Freedom Park Lagos

Whatever type of responsible fun you are looking for can be found in Freedom Park. Music, eat out, live band, spoken words and so much more. Located in the middle of downtown Lagos in Lagos Island, Nigeria, Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park area which was formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison. The hot hangout spot also retains its cultural heritage appeal in design. Celebrities and high profile individuals often hang out at the freedom park with its regular line up of events.

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Eden Garden Abuja

As the name suggests, Eden Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Abuja. It is one of the spots you can hang out with friends for a good relaxation. For many, this hangout spot is a place where they can chill with drinks, barbecue and so on while listening to songs performed by both known and upcoming artists. It also has a table tennis and pool bar where you can sweat it out while having fun with friends.

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D-line and Elekahia Bole Spots, Port Harcourt

You want to keep it simple yet you want to hang out with friends? Check out the favourite eat out cuisine: Roasted plantain and fish. It is popularly known as Bole and fish in Port Harcourt. The battle is between the bole spot in D-line and the one in Elekahia. You just need to check them out.

The barbecues of Kano

There are several places to hang out in the ancient city of Kano. Lots of local and international cuisines are always around the corner. Lebanese, Indian, Chinese and much more. Whatever you do, don’t miss the barbecues. Find them at bars and lounges scattered all over the city, Mozida, Zaro, Corner, KERD and the list goes on.

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Kada Plaza Benin

You want somewhere you can just spend the whole weekend with your buddies? Kada Plaza offers a handful of fun things to do. You can check out the latest movies at the cinema, have lunch and dinner at the restaurants in the plaza, shop, go kart racing. It is a one stop shop for weekend hangout.

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