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Giant spider hijacks live interview on BBC [Video]

BBC giant spider


Giant spider hijacks live interview on BBC [Video]

A giant spider interrupted a live programme on BBC News United Kingdom on Friday afternoon after making a sudden appearance on television screens during an interview session about slavery.

Daily Mail reports that the spider climbed onto a camera lens as Graham Campbell, a Councillor from Glasgow City in Scotland, was being interviewed about the recent University of Glasgow decision to pay reparations for the slave trade.

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In a viral footage, the spider was seen repeatedly crawling around on the camera as the presenter Shaun Ley continued his interview.

The creepy incident spurred reactions on the internet as bemused viewers labelled it a ‘weird experience’.

However, the BBC host has apologised to viewers explaining exactly what had happened.

Ley said:

“I should say, if you were getting a little bit distracted there, by the spider.

“Graham was sitting in front of a camera.

“The camera shot is of the skyline. The spider was crawling around on the camera.

“Apologise for that, there is not much we can do about it.

“We hope it didn’t distract you from listening to what he was saying.

BBC News eventually tweeted about the incident, saying:

See video:

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