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History 101: How newspaper apologised to cleric who prophesied Abiola’s ordeal



History 101: How newspaper apologised to cleric who prophesied Abiola’s ordeal

If there is one thing that endears young Nigerians on social media to former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, it is his rich knowledge of Nigerian history.

The former minister doesn’t hide this side of him as he frequently flaunts it on his social media page.

Fani-Kayode took to Twitter on Sunday as he takes Nigerian social media users back memory lane with the story of a Nigerian cleric who prophesied the ordeal of late MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the 1993 presidential election.

The story which was originally written by Adesuyi A. Leslie-Ajayi narrates how the cleric, Reverend Adenuga of the Anglican Church gave four prophecies about 20 years ago, and three of the prophecies were about how Abiola, who was the choice of the people, would win the election but would not be announced winner.

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The story also revealed that Adenuga was vilified and embarrassed in the media over his prophecy which didn’t conform with what many Nigerians wanted to hear then.

After Abiola’s death in 1998, he noted that a prominent national newspaper apologised to the cleric over the vilification.

He tweeted:

“In 1998, soon after Abiola’s death, the Tribune ran a story and apologised to Rev. Adenuga, an Anglican Church cleric. Rev. Adenuga had communicated a divine revelation about Nigeria in 1989/1990 or so. He asserted that…

“1. Abiola would run for the presidency of Nigeria and win.

“2. IBB would cancel the election won by Abiola.

“3. Abiola would be killed.

“4. Nigeria will DIVIDE! For his four point prophetic assertions , he was subjected to vociferous and vitriolic villification.

“From “prophet of doom” to “agent of satan” to “charlatan”, he was called names by many including the Nigerian Tribune. I read the story. So Nigerian Tribune apologised for the calumny having seen items 1 – 3 come to pass.

“He was then asked as I recall, what could be done to prevent item 4? The dissolution of Nigeria? His response was that only RIGHTEOUSNESS can stop it. It’s almost inevitable. The ancient principalities and potentates of Yoruba land and the watch men have said the same”- (Written by Adesuyi A. Leslie-Ajayi).”


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