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How my daughter almost die of high fever 22 years ago – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde


Nollywood goddess and movie producer Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has shared a harrowing tale of how she nearly lost her daughter when she was little.

Taking to her Instagram page, the celebrated Nigerian actress revealed that her first daughter Princess has a severe illness which when she one a year older.

According to Omotola, her daughter crumbled rapidly after getting feverish and at a point, it was as if she was dead.

She wrote;:

“She was scarcely a year, she begun running a temperature, can’t recall how long any longer… she is our first youngster and we had very little experience.

“Gave her some prescription didn’t appear to show signs of improvement… suddenly, she slipped into what appeared to be a COMA.

“I panicked, we all did… neighbours everybody shouting and proposing various types… she was holding her teeth wildly, an Old lady we knew in the area recommended to put a spoon and empty SALT into her mouth (Totally wrong move)” Pls cold shower”…

“We hurried her to the medical clinic and from the outset, the specialists were somewhat hesitant ( I surmise they thought it was a lost case) be that as it may, nearly absent a lot of rush she was chipped away at and miraculously, she returned!

“She had earlier turned cold and was not responsive… well

“We were told, it was “High fever” it had influenced her mind and she could likely not grow ordinarily or have the option to find her friends. Shy of saying a vegetable… As individuals of confidence, we approached God, utilized appropriate drug and in particular, applied additional exercises and regarded her Normal as others.

“From the outset, it was trying, as she developed, she battled, for the most part with her sight. She was unable to see things directly before her! Indeed, even in school, she would be placed in front and still not see. A couple of changed schools, glasses, extra exercises … we continued pushing.

“At each level, Princess Worked Extremely hard, harder than others. Continually attempting to refute everybody and pass.

“Each time we dreaded or questioned, she went without a hitch and moved to the next stage! Supernatural occurrences before our eyes… Today she not just completed well from Uni, she demands going for her Masters and is overcoming every one of her feelings of dread.

“Recently, she drove with her father without directions to and fro in rush hour gridlock all around v.i.

“You may not so much get this however any individual who’s been told they can’t accomplish or accomplish something particularly for wellbeing reasons will comprehend.

“This is the first occasion when I am stating this in broad daylight and Many will be shocked,some may go,oh… presently I get… Princess, you’ve been a motivation to Me without knowing. May you rouse others as well. God Continue to Bless you my #WCE”

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Ibrahim Chatta shares beautiful moment with his daughter as she chants Arabic recitations (Video)



Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta recently took to his social media handle to share series of photographs and videos of his adorable family.

In a video he uploaded, the Yoruba actor, who appeared to be on his way out was seen with his little baby girl as he chanted “la ilah illalah’ a phrase in Islam that means ‘no god but Allah’ and interestingly his little girl said the words after him.

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See video below;


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Ibrahim Chatta adorable moment with his cute baby girl.

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I hope my son, Harvey, dies before me, Katie Price says, states why



Katie Price

Reality TV star, Katie Price has confessed that she hopes her autistic son, Harvey dies before she does.

This comes just after doctors issued a stark warning about Harvey’s health.

The 42-year-old was left fearing the worst earlier this week when her eldest son was rushed to the hospital, after falling ill at daughter Princess’ birthday party.

He was discharged and is currently recovering at home. Speaking about his condition, the mum-of-five said she was warned by health experts that he is at serious risk of dying from a heart attack if they don’t make changes.

And she confessed that she hopes the 18-year-old will ‘go’ before she dies, as he won’t be able to cope without her.

“The doctors have told me he’s at high risk of having a heart attack,” she told the Sun.

“I know it’s horrible to say, but I wish he’d go before me because he wouldn’t cope without me.

“He’d be so heartbroken and wouldn’t understand where I’d gone.’ Katie also confessed her worries over Harvey’s health as he ‘weighs 27-and-a-half stone’ and gets ‘out of breath’ from walking up the stairs.

“I can’t see him living past 50 unless we sort his weight and his breathing out,” she added.

“We try everything but cutting down food is hard.’ Harvey is blind and autistic, and has also been diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome – which affects his speech and movement. People with Prader-Willi are constantly hungry, which can lead to obesity.

The teenager suffered from chest pains at Princess’ birthday party and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

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The Celebrity Big Brother winner later shared a video on YouTube, telling fans:

“He kept complaining of chest pains. I said ‘how does it feel?’ and he said ‘like needles.’ Straight away, because of his complex needs, do I call the doctor or do I call the ambulance? ‘I don’t like it when people waste ambulances’ time. He’s at high risk because of coronavirus, he’s high risk because of his obesity and the steroids he’s on and his medical condition so I did call 999.”

Katie was reportedly supported by ex-husbands Kieran Hayler and Peter Andre over the ordeal.

“Both Pete and Kieran messaged Katie afterwards, offering help and support,” an insider told the Sun.

“She’s on really good terms with them now and they were both Harvey’s stepdad once, and he’s their children’s brother.

“They were both relieved when Harvey was discharged and went home.”

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Chimamanda shares fond photos taken with her dad to mourn him (Video)



Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is still mourning her father, Professor James Nwoye Adiche, who died on June 10, 2020, at the age of 88.

In a tribute to him posted on Facebook, the renowned author detailed the events leading up to his death.

She also spoke about some of the plans they made for the future.

She spoke of her pain; how she cried for days till her side muscles ached, how she screamed and pounded things, and how much she misses him.

She accompanied her words with a video showing her and her father together at different points in their life.

Professor Adichie, Odelu Ora Abba, was Nigeria’s first professor of Statistics. He studied Mathematics at Ibadan and got his PhD in Statistics from Berkeley.

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Mourning him, the Half of a Yellow Sun author wrote:

“And just like that my life has changed forever. June 7, there was Daddy on our weekly family zoom call, talking and laughing. June 8, he felt unwell. Still, when we spoke he was more concerned about my concussion (I’d fallen while playing with my daughter).

“June 9, we spoke briefly, my brother Okey with him. “Ka chi fo,” he said. His last words to me. June 10, he was gone.

“Because I loved my father so much, so fiercely, so tenderly, I always at the back of my mind feared this day. But he was in good health. I thought we had time. I thought it wasn’t yet time. I have come undone. I have screamed, shouted, rolled on the floor, pounded things. I have shut down parts of myself…

“Sleep is the only respite. On waking, the enormity, the finality, strikes – I will never see my father again. Never again. I crash and go under. The urge to run and run, to hide from this. The shallow surface of my mind feels safest because to go deeper is to face unbearable pain. All the tomorrows without him, his wisdom, his grace.

“We talked almost daily. I sent him my travel itineraries. He would text me just before I got on a stage: Ome ife ukwu! Nothing else mattered to me as much as the pride in his eyes.

“I saw him last on March 5th in Abba. I had planned to be back in May. We planned to record his stories of my great grandmother…”

Watch Chimamanda’s video below:


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