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I suffered depression, contemplated suicide, says Nigerian artiste SEAN DAMPTE


Nigerian-born, U.K. based Afro-Pop artiste, Oluwaseun Oluyole, fondly called Sean Dampte, has revealed he suffered from depression and contemplated suicide this year.

Sean Dampte, who was is one of 5 siblings and the 3rd in his family pursuing entertainment, has songs like ‘Energy’ and ‘Million’.

Speaking recently about his new single which he entitled ‘Life, Money, Happiness’, he opened up to the media on what inspired the song.

“While recording this track, a lot was happening. This track means more to me than just music. This track is the essence of living!”

He said that while fans were enjoying the song, he was going through hell

“Me and my family were going through a really bad period,” he said.

“I mean, I had no roof over my head! I had no income! Everyone was calling because I was in huge debts to different individuals and even corporate organizations! Everything just seemed lost! All hope was gone! Suicide felt like an option.”

Accordingly, he would have been long gone but he had to summon the last courage and took a bold step.

“But that fateful morning, I dragged myself to my brother, my friend, my producer, Jay Ocean. I wanted to record a song about the good life and the good times that wasn’t happening but the words wouldn’t come out. Then we sat for 5 minutes. Jay said “What mood are you in Dampte?” I replied “suicidal” and Jay said “That ain’t happening bro!, let’s put this into the music” So we started work. Jay played the tune. The melody was working.

“And that was how we came up with the track ‘Life, Money, Happiness- #LMH’, because truly with love, that’s all we need! I can only hope you will enjoy coming with me on this journey! To you my friends and family. I wish you lot the best with “Life, Money, Happiness.” he concluded.


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Ozo opens up on what happened between him and Nengi inside the shower



Ozo has revealed what actually happened between him and the beautiful Nengi when she came to meet him in the shower.

The incident came to light when housemate Neo told Eric that he saw her enter the shower when Ozo was inside.

Many fans of the show had thought she went in to have s*x with the dude who has been catching feelings for her.

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Ozo has now cleared the air by revealing that Ka3na witnessed the scene and that nothing happened other than him taking his shower and leaving.

He said:

“I did not ask Nengi why she got in the shower with me, although Ka3na said I should have walked her out.

“I just told her if she was going to stand there, no problem, and I took my shower and left.”

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Focus on developing yourself, don’t let men confuse you, Onyi Alex advises ladies



Nollywood actress, Onyi Alex has advised young ladies to focus on their careers and hobbies first before anything or anyone else.

Onyi explained that friends and men will either betray or confuse you (ladies), therefore young ladies are better off focusing on themselves.

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She wrote:

“I’m a young girl but my advice to girls younger than me is your career/hobbies first. Friends will betray you, men will confuse you, focus on you, develop yourself.

“Protect your energy, know your power, harness your power and watch yourself bloom.”


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If you don’t build your marital relationship, you’ll only see the backside of marriage, Eucharia Anunobi tells men



Nigerian veteran actress, Eucharia Anunobi has sent a message to men who don’t respect their wives but feel they’re entitled to be respected.

In a new post on her Instagram page, the celebrated thespian laid out some bad attitudes some men have towards their wives and asked if they think they deserve to be respected despite having such an attitude.

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She says women deserve to be nurtured and be given much attention and sweet talks and if men don’t work towards making themselves better in their relationships, then they should only expect the backside of marriage.

She wrote,

Wait ooo , So you think you’re ENTITLED to be respected by your wife when : you talk to her rudely , never compliments her , never thanks her for cooking the meals , never sweet talks her before expecting her to perform amazingly in the other room , always comparing her to other women , never hugs her expect when you intend getting down, ( now covid 19 is helping your ministry of distancing yourself from her ) talking down on her , her opinions and views . Sir , if you don’t make a renewed COMMITMENT to rebuild your marital relationship, you will only see the backside of marriage !! Please rebuild your wife now , because all women need attention and sweet talks !!!!!!!!

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