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I wanted to burn his house with his grandma inside, lady says as Twitter users share how they handled breakup

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I wanted to burn his house with his grandma inside, lady says as Twitter users share how they handled breakup

Oloni is back again with her weird relationship questions and her mob of followers too won’t cease to amaze with their bizarre reactions.

Some of Dami Olonisakin popularly known as Oloni’s weird relationship questions have made Twitter trending topics severally and also made headlines on top news sites in the United Kingdom – Mirror UK, HuffPost among others.

Just a few weeks ago she sent the social media into a frenzy when she asked her followers to share with her if they had ever used ‘charm’ on their partners before, the scary revelations caused panic among men on Twitter.

A lady had said she used her menstrual blood to cook for her then cheating boyfriend when they were in the university, well they are married now according to her, suggesting that what she mixed in the man’s food actually worked.

Oloni took to Twitter again on Wednesday asking her followers to share the craziest thing they ever did after their partners broke up with them.

She tweeted:

“What’s the craziest thing you did because of a break up?”

As usual, the mob of followers had started pouring out their stories before she took down the tweet.

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One of the ladies who had responded before the tweet was deleted gave a shocking revelation that could make her ex-boyfriend rot in jail if he is not sentenced to death.

@alvscii tweeted: 

“Was gonna commit suicide just to frame him for murder. The breakup was rough.”

She added:

“He was my first boyfriend and he cheated with a friend. Love makes you crazy.”

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Oloni herself was so shocked by the revelation as she quickly asked the lady to delete it.

See screenshot of the tweet:

Since Oloni had deleted the tweet, another social media user Adesewa @DuchessT_ reposted the tweet on her wall and Twitter users have flooded the post with reactions.

Another lady said she attempted razing her ex-boyfriend’s home with his family members inside.

She tweeted:

Many have already shared their stories and this time it’s not just the ladies, the men also have tales to tell about breakup.

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@kingyeahmi3 tweeted:


Femi who could not do the unthinkable by taking an extreme action wrote:


See other reactions:

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