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Is marriage the answer to sexual urge? Nigerians ask TVC presenter over underage union


Is marriage the answer to sexual urge? Nigerians ask TVC presenter over underage union

Some Nigerians have questioned a TVC presenter, Akashat Ny’mat, for saying young people should be allowed or encouraged to get married once they start having sexual urges.

Netizens took to Twitter to give their two cents over the controversial statement with majority criticising her for supporting teenage marriage/underage union.

Many argued that marriage is not the antidote for sexual urge and the act should be condemned in its entirety.

Some also said uncontrolled sexual urges is the major course of failed marriages and the reason for many “unwanted” children.

One Twitter user, @steve1da said “If marriage is the answer to sexual urge, I bet you in no time we going to be having more fail marriage than we do now.

“What happen to self-discipline and moralities that we learnt from school and our Holy books. This shouldn’t encourage plz God help us all. thank you.”

Some also said argued that constitutionally the age of consent is 18 and that some religion doesn’t support sexual activities unless between two reasonably capable people.

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One Emeka [email protected] said “So marriage cures sexual urge? are you kidding me? The antidote to suppress sexual urge is to get married. So children will no longer be allowed to grow. So who decides what sexual urge is? We can defend anything. Make I go mind my business.

Another user, Bilikis Máfẹ Fágbèmí (BiliMaffy) said “Precisely, cultures that’s got nothing to do with Islam practices this as well. Some sections of the Christian world too, like the mammons etc. Ignorance makes us generalise at times.

WuzupNaija had reported that the presenter further argued that that the act is not necessarily ‘Islamic’.

Ny’mat said this while reacting to the viral pre-wedding photos of a very young couple, aged 17 and 15.

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