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Issue: Can Tacha sue Peter Okoye for a breach of contract? BY Akintunde F. Adeyemo


Issue: Can Tacha sue Peter Okoye for a breach of contract? BY Akintunde F. Adeyemo

Yes, let me explain.

At law, a unilateral contract is a contract created by an offer that can only be accepted by performance.

In this case, on July 19, 2019, Peter Okoye, also known as Peter Psquare, made an offer to Tacha, promising to give her N60 million if she didn’t win the N60 million promised by organizers of BBN. This good-faith offer was announced on his official timeline, and Tacha had a reasonable expectation that he was serious.

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In a unilateral contract, an element of consideration, which is required to create a valid contract, is performance, while a thing of value is needed in a bilateral contract.

In this case, though, as soon as Peter Psquare made the offer, and Tacha took affirmative steps (performance), she has met another crucial element of a valid contract, acceptance.

Sure, an offeror is a master of his offer, and he’s free to terminate his offer; however, once an offeree has accepted an offer (say, a challenge to do something), the offeror can no longer revoke his offer. Even if he were to revoke the offer, the offeror must compensate the offeree for her substantive performance.

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In this case, Peter Psquare, the offeror, did not revoke his offer, and Tacha completed her expected performance; her elimination from BBN marks her end on the show, making her eligible to receive Peter Psquare’s offer of N60 million.

Yesterday, after she was eliminated from the show, Peter Psquare reportedly denied making her an offer, but World People dug out that particular post (⬇️).

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As a matter of law, Peter Psquare is now in breach of a valid contract. If Tacha is seriously a serious person, she should look for a lawyer to sue Peter Psquare. I’m not joking. If you’re a lawyer in Nigeria, reach out to Tacha. Take Peter Psquare to court. Think like Americans (don’t let God judge).😂

Good morning, World People!

Akintunde F. Adeyemo (JD)

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