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Twitter user celebrates cab driver after five years of ‘diligence’


Twitter user celebrates cab driver after five years of ‘diligence’

Little drops of water they say makes an ocean, such is the case of Job, an Abuja cab driver who delivered his services judiciously to a Twitter user simply identified as Amara.

Amara took to her Twitter page on Tuesday to narrate how she met Job in Abuja five years ago and he has grown to become an essential part of her family from being her cab driver.

She extolled Job’s virtues of kindness, dedication, and friendliness.

According to her, the cab driver whose vehicle was old and a source of mockery recently, surprisingly stepped up to a new level.

Her Twitter thread reads:

”I’ve consistently used this cab guy in the last 5 years(yesterday made it 5 years I moved to Abuja) and he’s been using this old rickety car Last month, when he came to pick me up from the airport, those cab guys there were laughing, fine girl like you, you dey enter no AC car, but e concern me? I like Job.

“He’s hardworking. In fact my mum adopted him as her son. She would call him and send him money, and he will on his own use it and buy yams for me The way he goes with, mummy send me small something, I come say make I share with you.

”Job will call me randomly and say, Amara you get food for house? Make I come chop? I always never have food. He always calls at the wrong time but then he would show up with either food or foodstuff or fruits. He knew my office as well.

“So that last time at the airport, he noticed I was sad (I wasn’t my usual happy self cos I had recently lost a friend and I came back for a candlelight procession which was that evening)He was like, Amara no worry, today na the last time you go enter this car

”I laughed and said abeg no be your own dey worry me. He probed why I was sad and I explained to him. Ladies and gentlemen, Job called me this morning Sisi I don buy new motor. I say make I come carry you go anywhere you wan go Airport people no go laugh us again. And I’m here grinning. I remember times we had to push that car(I always call people to help him push) or look for water cos of overheating or he had to make alternative arrangements cos his car was bad. He was an ordinary cab guy I used but he’s now family

”Aha Here’s the new cab. I got his permission to share his number and this is it Job-07032989790 or 08188011302. He’s based in Abuja and I’m recommending him. Thank you everyone.

P.S He brought me lunch too Eba with egusi soup and a can of malt.”

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