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Joe Biden’s #YouAintBlack comment reveals deeply rooted, pernicious racism – Nigerian rapper


A Nigerian rapper, author and fitness coach, Nzubechukwu aka ‘Zuby’, has reacted to Joe Biden’s #YouAintBlack comment, saying it revealed deep-rooted racism on the part of the former US Vice President.

The Oxford University Graduate in a thread on his Twitter handle, @ZubyMusic, wrote:

I’m seeing a lot of people trying to pass off Joe Biden’s #YouAintBlack comment as merely a ‘gaffe’ or ‘joke’…

But it wasn’t.

It revealed a deeply rooted and pernicious form of racism that is extremely pervasive in left-wing politics. Let me explain…

Every black person is aware of the power and pain of being considered an ‘outsider’ within one’s own ‘race’.

This happens everywhere, but it is a common phenomenon particularly amongst Black Americans, due to history and culture.

You are probably familiar with terms like ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘coon’, ‘house n*gga’, ‘coconut’, ‘Bounty’ and ‘race traitor’.

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These slurs are used to demean black people by stripping them of their ‘Blackness’.

ALL black conservatives, libertarians, centrists, or even moderate liberals have been on the receiving end of at least one of these slurs.

Usually levied by another black person, but occasionally by a particularly bold ‘woke white progressive’ type.

This form of ostracisation is particularly painful for Black Americans. Who are largely disconnected from their African roots due to the horrors of slavery.

As a substitute, many cling to a fuzzy concept of ‘Blackness’. For the sake of identity and community.

So, to be considered ‘not black’ is like being an outcast of a community that often already feels alienated…

I am not American and I do not speak on behalf of anybody but myself. These are my own thoughts.

My name is Nzubechukwu and my heritage is of the Igbo tribe in Anambra state in Nigeria Flag of Nigeria

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So NOBODY can take my ‘Blackness’ from me! They will look foolish trying!

Most Black Americans don’t have this SOLID sense of heritage.

People (of all colours) know this and weaponise it against them to prevent individuals from stepping out of the ‘groupthink’.

Anyone who is perceived to go ‘against’ ‘The Black Community’ must be punished.

Left-wing politicians, activists and professional race hustlers have used this psychological warfare to keep black people ‘in check’ and voting for them for many decades.

It’s demeaning, discriminatory, and it strips black people of our agency.

So, when Biden suggested that ‘you ain’t Black’ if you consider voting for Trump instead of him, he exposed a much deeper form of racism.

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The sense of ‘ownership’ of Black people. Unearned allegiance and entitlement.

But it was also honest. Because that’s how a lot of these politicians and ‘progressives’ really feel about black people.

If you were born black, then you will die black. There is no such thing as being ‘politically black’. This is nonsense designed to CONTROL you and keep you needy.

NOBODY can take away your ‘Blackness’. Your ‘Black Card’ is your birthright. Regardless of who you vote for.

I would never dream of telling anyone who they must vote for, based on their skin colour nor genitalia.

That would be extremely arrogant, condescending and discriminatory.

Be VERY suspicious of anybody who talks like that. They want to control your mind.

That is all. I hope you enjoyed my TED talk.

Much love. 👊🏾



COVID-19: Osun relaxes curfew, asks workers to resume



COVID-19: Osun relaxes curfew, asks workers to resume

Governor of Osun State, Adegboyega Oyetola, on Thursday, announced a new set of guidelines that would guide the second phase of the gradual reopening of the state’s economy, following the lockdown imposed by the government in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said all major markets would remain shut, while other markets would be opened but operators must ensure physical distancing and use their face masks, including observing all other precautionary measures in accordance with the established protocols of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The governor had, on Wednesday, ordered the reopening of worship centres, but insisted that adherents of the two religions would only enjoy one hour of worship each on Friday and Sunday respectively, effective Friday, June 5, 2020.

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Apart from the reopening of mosques and churches, the governor has further relaxed the curfew earlier imposed on the state. The new curfew will now be from 9 pm to 5 am daily.

He, however, noted that these new measures would be for just two weeks in the first instance, just as he reiterated that the state’s boundaries remain closed.

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In a statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Ismail Omipidan, the governor noted that the total lockdown earlier imposed on the state from Friday to Sunday has now been eased for the next 14 days in the first instance.

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He was, however, quick to add that, notwithstanding the easing of the lockdown, the ban on political, public, religious and any kind of gatherings under whatever guise remains in force.

The governor while thanking the people of the state for their support and cooperation during the period of the lockdown, also enjoined them to ensure the new measures on the gradual reopening of the economy are strictly adhered to.

He added that it was imperative to do that so that the state does not lose the gains it has so far recorded in the fight against the deadly coronavirus in Osun.

Oyetola also urged religious leaders to constantly remind their followers that the fight against COVID-19 is not over and all hands must be on deck to support the fight against the pandemic.

“As you are all aware, the Federal Government a few days ago lifted the ban on religious activities in the country. We have, therefore, lifted ours too after our meeting with religious leaders on Wednesday with specific guidelines.

“In furtherance to that, we have also further relaxed our curfew, as part of measures for the gradual reopening of our economy. Civil Servants on level 7 and above should go to work within normal office hours, while each department should work out and alternate working hours for workers on grade levels 1 to 6,” the governor was quoted to have said.

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On the run COVID-19 patients worry FG



The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, said the Federal Government was disturbed by COVID-19 patients, who were fleeing isolation centres. This, he said, had worsened the transmission of the virus in communities.

The health minister said the government had problems in trying to convince some COVID-19 positive people that they had the virus.

He said,

“We also have issues with people who test positive and think you are going to look for them and then they run. So the figures don’t tally because people who think you are going to trace them don’t want to go into isolation.”

The health minister explained that the Federal Ministry of Health team sent to investigate the incidents in Kano, Sokoto, Jigawa, Borno, Katsina and Gombe had concluded its work and would submit its final report on Friday (today).

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Meanwhile, confirmed cases of coronavirus have increased to 11,516 in Nigeria.

This is after the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control announced 350 new cases of COVID-19 in the country.

The NCDC made the announcement via its Twitter handle on Thursday.

It said,

“On the 4th of June 2020, 350 new confirmed cases and 8 deaths were recorded in Nigeria.

“No new state has reported a case in the last 24 hours.

“To date, 11516 cases have been confirmed, 3535 cases have been discharged and 323 deaths have been recorded in 35 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

“The 350 new cases are reported from 20 states- Lagos (102), Ogun (34), FCT (29), Borno (26), Kaduna (23), Rivers (21), Kwara (16), Ebonyi (17), Katsina (14), Edo (10), Delta (10), Kano (10), Bauchi (10), Bayelsa (9), Imo (8), Plateau (4), Ondo (3), Nasarawa (2), Gombe (1), Oyo (1).”

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AfDB boss, Akinwumi Adesina, to face fresh probe



The African Development Bank says it has commissioned an independent inquiry into allegations of corruption against its head, Akinwumi Adesina.

The former Nigerian agriculture minister is seeking re-election in August.

But the United States has led calls for him to be investigated on suspicion of embezzlement, preferential treatment for fellow Nigerians in senior appointments, and the promotion of people suspected or convicted of fraud and corruption.

Mr Adesina denies any wrongdoing and was initially cleared of the allegations by an internal investigation.

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The institution – one of the world’s five major multilateral development banks – is the only African lender afforded the highest credit rating.

In April, whistleblowers submitted a 15-page report to the bank’s governors detailing alleged embezzlement, preferential treatment for fellow Nigerians in senior appointments, and the promotion of people suspected or convicted of fraud and corruption.

Adesina — who was recently exonerated by an internal inquiry — is the first Nigerian to be in charge of the 56-year-old AfDB, one of the world’s five major multilateral development banks.

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Nigeria, whose stake makes it the bank’s biggest shareholder, has made little secret of its support for Adesina.

On Tuesday, Nigerian President, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari [retd], told Adesina that the country “will stand solidly behind” him in his bid to remain at the helm of the bank.

The bank chief repeated to Buhari his insistence the allegations against him were trumped up and that the US call for a new probe was against the bank’s rules.

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In October 2019, the AfDB raised $115 billion (105 billion euros) in fresh capital, an operation deemed a personal success for Adesina.

It is the only African institution which has a Triple-A rating by credit rating agencies.

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