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Jude Okoye vs. Cynthia Morgan: Don’t sign shitty deals; once signed, it must be honoured – Eldee


Eldee the Don

After the dispute that ensued between Cynthia Morgan and her former record label boss, Jude Okoye, Nigerian rapper, Eldee has also reacted to the situation between advising singers not to complain about contracts they signed willingly.

Cynthia Morgan in an Instagram live video, with Ex-Miss Globe Nigeria, CASSANDRA, at the weekend, revealed why she disappeared from the music scene despite becoming a household name.

Cynthia also revealed that she lost the right to use her name for any other business venture or music and does not own rights to the music she produced while still under Northside Inc, losing virtually everything. She also said she had been ill for over 6 months and battled depression over the years. She said she would love to return as a solo act, and not under a record label, citing her past experience.

Reacting, Eldee, who joined the social conversation centred on Jude and Cynthia, said people cannot sign contracts and then turn around to complain of being cheated. The veteran rapper stated that if a company offers one a bad deal, it should not be signed and that if the person goes ahead to sign such a contract, it must be honoured.

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According to him, not honouring a contract is dangerous to growth in any ecosystem.

See what he wrote below;

“Don’t willingly sign a contract & then turn around a while later to complain about how you’re being “cheated”.

If the terms are no longer favourable, renegotiate, but remember that your partner also reserves the right to accept the new terms.

You can’t sign a financial agreement and expect to change the terms halfway into the deal, unless that option/clause exists in the agreement to begin with.

This idea that it is ok or permissible not to honour contracts/agreements that were made simply because you now feel different or feel more valuable to the partnership is dangerous to any ecosystem that seeks growth.

How can an investor trust an industry that doesn’t honour simple contracts? Why do you think it’s so difficult to attract investment in so-called unstable regions? Do you realize that this is one of the primary reasons that a region/system may be classified as “unstable”?

It’s really easy to get carried away with emotions, emotions that are based mostly on he said she said. We are doing more harm than good to the industry whenever we support rhetorics that suggest unfairness, especially when the agreements were made under no form of duress.

If a company offers you a shit deal, DO NOT sign it. Once you decide to sign it, you have to honour it. Not doing so hurts everybody in the system.

If you’re not sure what the terms and clauses mean, GET A LAWYER who can interpret the terms. If considered favourable at the time of signing, know that it is binding once you do sign. There’s no turning back.

In conclusion, know that every time we get on the internet and tell the rest of the world that We believe it is okay not to honour contracts, we are hurting ourselves and our economy.

I know investors and potential partners that can give us the leverage we seek for the growth we deserve in various sectors, and they’re constantly watching us, especially in these moments. Our influencers and thought leaders need to learn to play this game better.”


Jaiye Kuti celebrates birthday with stunning pictures



The Nollywood actress has shared her birthday photos on July 10 and she looks so stunning.

Jaiye was born on the 10th of July in Ilaro in Ogun State.

Jaiye took to Instagram to share beautiful photos on her birthday.

She wrote;

“I have fallen many times, but the Grace of God Almighty lifted me. Despite troubling winds, I still stand tall above all principalities and power. I cry sometimes too, but the secret is I wipe my tears before anyone sees. I make mistakes a lot, learning from all of you has been a big reward for me. I thank God for yet another year in the land of the living. The race is not for the swift nor the battle for the mighty. Only Grace leads!!!!

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I thank you all for your love.”

See Photos Below:


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Atlanta rapper, Lil Marlo shot dead (video)



Rapper, Rudolph Johnson popularly known Lil Marloas has been shot dead in Atlanta.

A video of the aftermath was shared online.

Police officers responded to a call at 2:06 on Sunday morning. The call came in as a car accident on Interstate 285 in downtown Atlanta, but when police arrived they found the rapper had been shot.

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He was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to TMZ, the Medical Examiner confirmed they have the body of Rudolph Johnson, better known by his stage name Lil Marlo.

Lil Marlo was signed to the Quality Control label. Other artists signed to the label include Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby and City Girls.

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Mourning Lil Marlo, Lil Yachty wrote: “We just did a song a 4 this morning smh rip brother.”

Watch a video of the aftermath below;


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My goal is to remain chubby, sexy and healthy – Eniola Badmus



Nollywood actress and movie producer, Eniola Badmus has disclosed in an interview she said that she does not want to be fat and unhealthy.

Although Eniola is someone who has always been proud of being a plus-size and never allowed her size to slow down her style, she has disclosed that her goal is to remain chubby, sexy, and healthy.

When asked if and why she wants to lose weight, the 42-year-old said “I didn’t initially decide to go on a weight loss journey; it chose me.

“It all started when I put up a post a while back about weight loss companies using slim people to promote their products and services.”

“I told them to use me if truly their products work. A lot of them picked up the challenge but I was able to settle with the ‘deshapeables’. I decided to work with them because I like their plan and I hope it would work. “

The dark-skinned talented tv goddess also mentioned that if she is not scared if her weight loss would affect her fame.

According to her, she does not plan to go slim. In her words “In fairness, I really can’t tell if losing weight would help my brand because with or without losing weight, I’m Eniola Badmus. If this works, people would just see the new body on me”.

“However, it’s not going to be a total transformation because I still want to be a chubby girl; not slim. The goal is to be chubby but sexier.”

“Maybe like losing three sizes. People should not think that I would be a shadow of who they know. I’m only doing this because I want to. No matter how much we shout about body positivity, one would still have to be on a diet. One would have to watch what one eats and exercise.”

She also said:

“I don’t want to be plus-size and unhealthy. I might not work-out like fitness enthusiasts but I try to keep fit. For clarity’s sake, I didn’t and don’t bend to societal pressure. I have very thick skin and like to do whatever suites me at any particular time. The idea is to see what I would look like afterward. There are some clothes I feel like wearing but can’t wear them till I lose weight. I still belong to the ‘fat girls association”.

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