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Karma? Police brutalise lady weeks after she told victims of SARS brutality to take responsibility


Karma? Police brutalise lady weeks after she told victims of SARS brutality to take responsibility

Karma is a bitch. Pardon the French. However, a lady has gotten an overspilling dose of it seven weeks after telling victims of Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS] brutality to take responsibility.

WuzupNaija reports that there have been frequent reports of officers attached to SARS, an arm of the Nigeria Police Force, brutalising innocent citizens and exploiting them. Their brutality has led to Nigerians, including celebrities, calling for an end to SARS.

However, in a reaction on Twitter on Apr 16, 2019 at 12.01 pm, the lady identified as Nerve Bender/@okemzuruoke, told victims of police brutality that they might have invited the attack by SARS.

She had written in a thread then:

“The way you dress speaks highly of your personality. Dreadlocks. Saggy pants. Tattoos. The chains and glitters. The designers. The phones you use. Even your dark lips sometimes pass a hint that you’re a weed smoker.

These are visual xteristics that distinguish you from others.

A few weeks later, she suffered a terrible encounter with the police and have called for Nigeria to go extinct.

Sharing her experience, she wrote

Fam, I’ve been in police net for damn near two hours. They took my phone and my friend’s phone and we couldn’t even make calls or record or anything. Never felt so humbled in my entire life. Parted with 20k. These guys are BASTARDS!!! I’m still shaking. Nigeria ain’t shit. Fuck!

First, they asked us for our ID. When they couldn’t use that against us, they asked for our phones. Went through it, found nothing incriminating and like a clockwork, niggas switched up on us and accused us of assaulting them because we told them to stop harassing us.

Said we tore their clothes. Got more policemen to corroborate their lies. They literally threatened to shoot us if we didn’t move the car. Had no choice. The bastards held on to our phones. Said we beat them up and they were going to fuck us up. Fam, I lost my pride. All of it.

These sons of the devil in black uniform asked us to give them 50k to free us. 50k? For doing nothing! 50k for simply saying “stop intimidating us.” My friend had a flight to catch and we had no choice. Beat down the price to 20k and they set us free. Those bastards.

Tell me how an unarmed citizen can possibly assault ARMED police officers. How? Just how? I felt like a helpless child. This wasn’t even a time to claim “I know my rights.” We we’re helpless. We just legit started begging. Begged and begged. Goddamn.

Thought they were joking when they said they were going to take us to the station. You guys, the whole 20k deal was sealed right in front of the police gate. A few meters away from their actual office. These guys meant their every word.

Had to give them all the money I had on me because only the universe knows what they had in store for us if we ever got inside. The outside was hot enough. And someone was just a few inches close to missing his flight.

The only thing I want right now is for this country to go extinct. Like, just burn everything down. This is not a place to live. Just raze it to the ground. No human deserves to live here.

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