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Keke rider flees as lady goes into labour in Lagos traffic, gets unexpected help



Keke rider flees as lady goes into labour in Lagos traffic, gets unexpected help

A Nurse has taken to social media to reveal how he assisted a pregnant woman who went into labour while she was stuck in Lagos traffic.

Edeaghe Jeremiah Oyakhilome said the woman was on her way to a government-owned hospital after being rejected at the private hospital she had initially visited.

It was gathered that the incident occurred on Saturday November 9, 2019 at Ajegunle area of Lagos.

While the woman was heading to the general hospital, she went into labour by the roadside and the rider of the tricycle she boarded abandoned the tricycle and fled.

“Enroute to general, the baby head came out and the maruwa driver packed and ran away,” he wrote.

He said he was working at his centre when he suddenly heard a cry for help by the roadside. On getting to the scene, he saw a pregnant woman whose baby had a cord around the neck. He was left with no choice but to assist the woman.

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Oyakhilome’s colleague shared the story on Twitter.

He wrote:

“I took a rare roadside delivery of a baby with a cord round the neck whose mother was sent away from a hospital some days ago. Was in my diagnostic suite collating ECG result when I heard people shouting and crying for help. ori! ori! was their yelling tone.

“The said woman was presented in an undisclosed private hospital but not attended to due to the delivery beyond their capacity and was referred verbally to a general hospital which is few kilometres away amidst Lagos traffic and pot-holes….

“Enroute to general, the baby head came out and the maruwa driver packed and ran away. The shout was intense I had to rush out, alongside the doctor on duty. On brief assessment, the baby was observed to be asphyxiated as the cord wound round his neck

“Weighing the option of leaving the Baby to go to the general hospital prescribed, the minute to seconds to death of the baby and the coverage of our facility left me in an ethical dilemma but fetching from legal right of the baby to life that I owe him, I just must swift to action

“The cord was ligated and incised, baby delivered with a minimal fundal pressure, emergency resuscitation began as he was obviously blue and without normal reflexes.

“After several minutes of mucus extraction, mouth breath delivered through a gauze placed on the nostril with a head-tilt chin-lift maneuver, compression of 15:2 the baby came back to life and was cleaned up.

“Meanwhile the placenta was delivered through a controlled cord traction and placed in a newly ordered black nylon after assessment for completeness, exploration was done and hemostasis maintained. Baby was dressed in the available clothing to prevented hypothermia

“This happened on 9th of November, 2019 at about 13:00GMT around Seven-up bus stop Ajegunle, Lagos state.”

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