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Lady allegedly raped by trusted friend she begged to walk her home


Lady allegedly raped by trusted friend she begged to walk her home

A South African lady has narrated how she was raped on Sunday night by a neighbour she trusted.

Happiness, who uses the moniker @Nomathenda on Twitter, in a thread, said she asked the neighbour to walk her home because she wanted to be safe.

However, the person in whom she trusts turned out to be a monster when they got to her gate. According to her, he threw her on the floor, grabbed her by the throat and whispered, “fustk thula uyarasa” [Be quiet, don’t scream], before proceeding to rape her.

Happiness wrote,

My neighbour raped me last night… I really wanna die right now

I honestly never thought such wud happen to me especially with some1 soo close toe ladies pls buy pepper spray n Carry it with you all the time these dogs strike at anytime

Asked him to walk me home coz I wanted to be safe I trusted him. When we got next to my gate things changed next thing I’m on the floor next thing he is strangling me, I’m on the floor “fustk thula uyarasa” he said….

I trusted him

Her thread has generated a lot of replies on the microblogging platform with many users empathising with her, offering help and a shoulder to cry on.

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One @allymail1

Sorry to hear this sad news but let death not be solution don’t let the devil win twice some woman don’t live to tell the story u already won you are a strong woman kneel down and pray ask God to give u strength, will put you in prayer too remember you are still loved ur not alone

@reneerametsi said,

Justice will be served, dear… U will recover, refuse for him to take your soul! The best revenge is to work on getting back on your feet. Allow yourself to grief, cry, let it out, Constructively. Seek help, you don’t have to walk this journey alone. If u need a friend I’m here

@MookiMasuku added,

What do I even say? I can’t say sorry, that’s just lousy. I can’t say this too shall pass, I don’t think it will. I can only hope that with time that the emotional and physical scars of this horrible deed are eased, the perpetrator gets what he deserves and you find some healing

@paradzas wrote,

Dear daughter. I hope you have family and friends with you to lean on during this difficult time. I pray that they get the monster and lock him up. Praying for you to get the much-needed strength to go through this horrendous period.


Those with social work, psychologist grad who are willing to assist our sister through this trauma, can u help?!.. so that she doesn’t overthink and try to commit suicide..I’m begging for another human being lets have mercy…

Linda Maponyane/@leeleeza_Maps said,

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Hi Sesi

I’m sorry to hear this. I went through that TWICE, at 12 and 29. When I was 12 I was kidnapped by 2 guys whom I knew and trusted. They were supposed to be walking me home and it changed when we got to my gate….. Feel free to DM me. We will talk sesi

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