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Lady denied entry into government office over ‘indecent dressing’


Lady denied entry into government office over ‘indecent dressing’

A lady has taken to social media to narrate how she was stopped from entering a government office because her dress was supposedly indecent.

The lady, identified simply as Ifeyinwa, said the security personnel at the gate insisted her dress was too short and she would not be allowed to proceed to the office premises.

Sharing a picture of herself in the said ‘short dress’, the lady wrote:

I was refused entry into a government office today because my dress was “indecent”.

This is the dress I was wearing. This same government office requires married women to submit a letter of PERMISSION from their husbands to travel.

This is Nigeria. I asked the security guard what was so indecent about my dress, and he said it was short. An older lady wearing a fitted dress that was the same length as mine interjected, I told her not to bother and I left.

She then further decried the rate at which women are being disrespected in the country.

That’s how my defender would’ve been kicked out too. Let’s not pretend that women have any rights or are treated with respect in this country. ESPECIALLY young, single women. At this point, I can’t even get angry.

Ifeyinwa did not, however, mention the location of the government office.


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