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Magun is not juju or charm attack, it is penis captivus, Nigerian lady says


A lady has dismissed as a myth Africans belief in ‘magun’, known since 2001 as Thunderbolt after the movie by Mainframe Film and Television Productions.

Magun in Africa is believed to be a curse laid on cheating women whereby any man that has sexual intercourse with her exhibits some unusual symptoms before dying. Some of the symptoms include somersaulting, an insatiable taste for water, amongst others. Recently lovers getting stuck during sex have been attributed to the ‘magun’ curse.

But according to a Nigerian lady, who uses the handle Controversial Queen🇺🇸/Nnadede_1 on Twitter, magun/thunderbolt or people getting stuck during sex is not the work of “village people, juju or charm” but a condition called Penis captivus.

On Wikipedia, Penis captivus is described as a rare occurrence during sexual intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to be withdrawn from the vagina.

Her tweets read ;

It’s not village people, juju or charm.

Penis captivus is a rare occurrence during sexual intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to be withdrawn from the vagina.

Penis captivus occurs more frequently in animals than it does in humans. And it’s not uncommon to see animals that “are stuck together” after sex, particularly dogs.

If a partner feels penis captivus starting to happen, they should try to stay calm. Added stress can lead to more muscular tension, which can make the phenomenon last longer. It is important not to try to force the penis out of the vagina. Doing so can hurt one or both partners.

It is also important not to try to open the vagina or pry the penis out manually. Taking deep breaths may help both partners become or remain calm. Distracting each other or making a joke out of the situation can also relieve the tension and reduce arousal in the genitals.

“I must tell you it is no myth,” wrote one woman who asked to remain anonymous. “It happened to my late husband and myself one night. He literally could not withdraw…I attributed it to the intensity of the vaginal muscle response during orgasm.”


Man passes bar finals at Law School, expresses gratitude to Nigerians for helping him beat cancer three years ago



A young Nigerian man who recently passed his bar finals at the Nigerian Law School has taken to his social media page to appreciate well-meaning Nigerians who contributed to help him beat cancer three years ago.

In an emotional post, he shared photos of himself on the sick bed and reminisced on the hashtag that trended with his name during the call for help.

Niyi’s life was saved and he didn’t forget the good Nigerians who helped him. He gave glory to God and appreciate everyone that contributed to his cause.


Sharing the photo, he wrote ;

I’m currently emotional right now, 3 years ago the cyberspace was awash with the #saveniyi. Yes, that was me down with Lymphatic Cancer. Fast forward to today, the bobo passed his #barfinals. All glory to God the giver of life, and you guys


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Talented make-up artist transforms her face to look like Kanayo.O.Kanayo (Photos)



The young make-up artist who went viral for painting her face to look like Buhari’s face is back again with another one.

This time, the talented woman with social media handle @jonet_makeovers painted her face to look like a popular Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo.
The lady identified as Richard Jane is known for making imitation makeup of popular celebrities and prominent figures.
See photos below ;
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I’ll abort countless times for you, Lady professes undying love to boyfriend on social media



In a post making rounds on social media, a young girl is seen professing her undying love for her boyfriend.

According to the girl identified as Favour Mathia, she is ready to do whatever it takes to sustain her relationship with her boyfriend whose name is Edidem Emmanuel.

Mathia even vowed to do an abortion for his sake just to make him happy as she promised to never leave him.

Her Facebook post reads;

“I asked him. How many times did you come inside. He said just twice. I said what if am pregnant, I told him bby what if moi mum finds out. He told me den we will flush it Edidem Emmanuel dad mii. I’ll do abortion for your sake. Anything for you bby even it its to leave my parents. I will do that to make you happy. I will not leave you for another guy. If not for andrew liver salr you always give me, I’ll be pregnant by now.”


See her post below;

Noticing that the post had gone viral quickly, Favour changed her profile name from Favour Mathias to “Mhiz Fevvy”.

Favour and her boyfriend received several backlashes for the post and she went on to defend him, calling him “dad” while excited that they “don blow”.

He wrote;

Psalm 23
The lord is my shepherd
All ur curses has been return back
In jesus name Amen Edidem Emmanuel dad rest ur case
Ke we don blow




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