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Man blocks friend for not picking his calls, only to discover the unexpected had happened 


Man blocks friend for not picking his calls, only to discover the unexpected had happened 

Many people get really upset when their friends don’t check in on them. Without knowing what the other party may be going through, some are always quick to assume such friend has moved on with life and has decided to cut them off from the new life.

While some put such assumption behind them and go all out to find out what could be responsible for the communication gap, others move on with their lives in the name of “keeping the same energy”.

Well, the story of a Nigerian man has proven that it’s not always what we think.

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A Nigerian man took to social media on Friday to share his experience and how he became enraged after several calls to his friend were unanswered and not returned.

In anger, he deleted the friend’s phone number from his phone and also block him on social media platforms.

Unknown to him the man he had been calling was involved in a ghastly accident and had been at the hospital.

I’m so ashamed of myself right now,” he said after hearing about his friend’s condition

He wrote:

“Something terrible has happened to someone I know since January and I’ve been mad at him since for not picking up his phone when I call, reply my messages when I text!! I blocked Nd deleted him eventually. I thought I was been disrespected! I’m so ashamed of myself right now

“He had an accident along Lagos/Ibadan express road, severe burnt, dislocations here and there. Been in the hospital recovering from January till this week!! and I’ve been going about getting pissed and thinking ehn he self don turn big boy now, make he dey hin dey.

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“Watched his video today and I cried!! Never get angry at someone you don’t see or know first hand about his story!! Many people are going through a lot in this life and you don’t even have an idea what it is like for them at that particular time!!

“He nor call you nor mean say he nor remember you, you self call, text am, if he still doesn’t respond just put it in mind he has a reason! Yes people are cutting people off too. Almost 7months now I’ve been dragging beef with someone who is fighting for his life!! Dull me.”


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