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Man kills wife with spiked sex toy, spared jail


Man kills wife with spiked sex toy, spared jail

52-year-old Ralph Jankus has been given a suspended prison sentence after his wife died during a 48-hour extreme sex session days after they got married.

Jankus killed his wife Christel, 49, when he inserted a spiked Wartenberg wheel inside his wife, perforating her bowel.

The wheel is normally used by doctors to check nerve reactions. They failed to get medical help for four days, by which time nothing could have been done to save her.

Jankus told police in Germany he had been involved in BDSM for 30 years and the couple had discussed whether to go on a honeymoon or engage in the marathon sex session.

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Christel had previously spoken to friends about her fetish for extreme sex, but her son said that she was mentally unstable and was controlled by Jankus.

Judge Johannes Hochguertel hit out at Jankus for failing to take her to hospital for so long, adding that she would have survived her injuries.

However, he said that Christel’s death had had a profound effect on Jankus, she had taken part willingly, and had said she said she did not want to go to hospital.

He was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence. She had previously reported her partner for abuse in 2017, but later withdrew her complaint and spent some time in a psychiatric clinic.

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Her son claims that she fled to a women’s shelter in 2018, before returning happier and wanting to marry her partner in July of the same year.

He said: ‘‘She had injuries over her whole body and especially in her genital area.

”I warned her that she was putting up with too much and that it should never have gone this far.’ He claims that Jankus ‘abused, mistreated and humiliated’ his mother, but added: ‘I do think she loved him though.”

The son’s unnamed partner, who was also a court witness, said: ”We had no idea about the violence at first, but over time it became more apparent.

”She was not allowed to leave the apartment and was forced to take drugs. She was beaten for going to the hairdressers without permission.”

Just days after announcing his marriage on social media, Ralph posted: ‘I want to thank you all for the goodwill messages on our wedding day.

”Unfortunately, I have to tell you that my dear wife died suddenly just eight days after our wedding. All the happiness I have experienced was during the years with my wife.”

The couple had been together since 2011.

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