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Man narrates what he did to silence Lagos bus preacher

Bus preacher


Man narrates what he did to silence Lagos bus preacher

A Nigerian man took to Twitter on Thursday to share what he did to silence a preacher inside a commercial bus in Lagos.

The man identified as Simon Ujah said he was inside the bus when the preacher attempted to start preaching.

To stop the preacher from ‘making public noise’, Ujah said he also brought out his portable Bluetooth speaker and started playing a song on the bus.

His action, according to him caused an uproar in the bus as some passengers condemned him, while others threw their support behind him.

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Ujah wrote:

“This man wanted to start preaching in the bus and I brought out my portable Bluetooth speaker and started playing loud music. Bit of commotion ensued, some supported me, others called me names. In the end no one is making public noise, we’re all quiet now. Lol, I love me.”

He added:

“I didn’t even know what came over me tbh. I was just tired and needed rest. What they preach about is mostly slut shaming and other nonsense. I really couldn’t take it.”

Reacting to the viral tweet, some social media users have commended Ujah while others also shared similar experiences.

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A Twitter user Enahoro Jude wrote:

“If every adherent of the over 4000 religions begin to preach in a public vehicle, then indescribable chaos will ensue. In sane climes, preaching loudly in public spaces is a crime. A ride that should be peaceful will morph into a preaching frenzy. Madness is a Nigerian.”

@blossom_babs tweeted:

“One man turned the cab to a Christian concert with his speakers, I was having a bad headache and he just wouldn’t stop. So I brought out my infinix and started playing loud secular songs… The cab was quiet in less than an hour. Let’s all be mad.

@Joelclaq tweeted:

One Sunday I came back from church, I started hearing loud prayers. It was from a megaphone & it was about 2pm that day. Came out nobody but the megaphone. I followed the wire & they were in the other street. I walked back, removed one wire. My neighbor bought orobo pepsi for me.”


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