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Man poses as Lagos bus conductor, collects money from passengers and absconds

Bus conductor


Man poses as Lagos bus conductor, collects money from passengers and absconds

There is a parlance in Lagos that if you live in Lagos and you are not smart, you may never become smart again no matter where you live in the world.

The Lagos smartness has, however, been channeled mostly into negative and sometimes positive acts. Such is the case of a man who allegedly volunteered to assist a commercial bus driver to collect fares from passengers and absconded while the bus was on transit after collecting money from all passengers.

A lady took to Twitter to narrate the incident in a series of tweets via her handle @raychellered on Monday evening.

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She said she boarded the bus while returning from the office, but there was no conductor on the bus to collect fares from the passengers, so the man volunteered to collect the money and hand them over to the driver because the bus was already on transit.

The unsuspecting driver and passengers never knew the man had evil intentions.

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She wrote:

Lmaoo the wildest thing happened tonight. The guy seated beside me in the bus I got on my way home helped the driver collect money from everyone and jumped off halfway. We didn’t even suspect anything till the driver started shouting that we should pay up. Lagos is a wild place.

“Lmao this guy carried people’s change o. Na driver and passengers dey lament. We thought they knew each other cos he had been posturing like the conductor. He even told the driver to calm down and said ‘we are helping you collect your money’ when the driver first asked.

“The worst part was that I was the second to last person to get in. H gave up his seat so I could get in and he sat at the edge. I thought he was being nice. Ashey na strategic positioning the thief dey do. It was actually sad and funny.”


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