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Man recounts how Cynthia almost set him up after placing bet with friends



In the heat of the trending false rape accusations levelled against one Anthony Okafor by Cynthia and her friend Anita, another Twitter user has recounted how Cynthia (another lady) almost set him up after placing a bet with her friends to get down with him.

Adediran Olajide while lending his voice to the trending topic in a series of tweets said one Cynthia who was employed as a kitchen assistant at a resort where he was a Project Accountant in 2015, started making suspicious moves which he almost fell for.

Following his suspicion, Olajide said he called a friend who hinted him about the plan when Cynthia suddenly showed up at his apartment one night and begged to pass the night at his place.

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He narrated:

I have a class for 10 am but let me do small Gbeborun about Cynthia. You see I was a Project Accountant for a big resort in a typical island like that where Cynthia was employed to help solve kitchen challenges since movements away from the Island was tedious, 2015

“We were to work from 7am to 5pm. This girl would not come around to greet me in d day time until 11pm in the night in my apartment. For a week consecutively, she was coming, never sat on the chair but chose my bed. One day she asked to pass a night.

“We all have one muscle in our body that is an idiot, as a man. That one quickly agreed and I could feel the consent between my toes. Meanwhile, I was already aware of some games going on in that jungle at that time, I never gave a response, but wantedto be sure of something.

“So I quickly contacted someone who was very close to her…it was that one by the name Ayomide that intimated me about a bet she had with a colleague to get me down and show the evidence, since I showed too much in reprisal for social activities.

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“Angrily, I got back and told her off. Warned her to stay away from me whenever a situation was not official and that I wouldn’t want a courtesy visit from her ever. She left, a month later she tried the trick on another member and guess what???

“That one fell for it, and unfortunately the game turned dirty and alas! Cynthia was pregnant!!! After so many tug of war that lasted for 4 months, Cynthia aborted a 5 month old pregnancy oo… Cynthia, ko ni da fun anywhere you are ooo.

“The project took place in 2015….i don’t know her age ooo.

“Meanwhile, we don’t have to get anything twisted, I don’t know the Cynthia trending here, just shared my own experience about another Cynthia ni.”


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Covid-19: US records 2,000 deaths in 24 hours as cases pass 502,000



COVID-19: 85 dead in Abuja, 17 states as nation relaxes lockdown on Monday

The United States has reported 2,108 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, the highest daily increase in the country since the outbreak began, pushing the total US death toll to 18,777 on the one-month anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases in the US topped 502,000 on Saturday, as the worldwide death toll surpassed 102,000.

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The US is soon expected to overtake Italy in the grim position as the country with the highest number of fatalities. To date, Italy has registered at least 18,800 deaths.

With the number of infections worldwide now close to 1.7 million, including more than 376,000 recovered patients, the WHO has urged caution to countries considering easing restrictions put in place to stem the outbreak.

“The way down could be as dangerous as the way up if not managed properly,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

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Ondo civil servant smuggles wife into service, places her on grade level 14



Ondo: 25 civil servants suspended over financial theft

A civil servant in Ondo State has been arrested for allegedly smuggling his wife into the Ondo State Civil Service and placing her on grade level 14 and she had been collecting salaries.

The Senior Special Assistant to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu on Special Duties, Dr Doyin Odebowale, who confirmed the arrest, said the suspect was caught as a result of the reform carried out by the state’s Head of Service, Mr Alex Aragbaye.

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Odebowale did not, however, state how long the woman had been collecting salaries.

He added that other suspects were arrested for alleged involvement in various corrupt practices.

He said,

“We were able to discover that certain elements, whose names appear on the staff list, were never employed. A particular man employed his wife and placed her on grade level 14. She never attended an interview and she has been collecting salaries.

The governor’s aide stated that all the indicted civil servants had already been suspended, adding that they would face disciplinary actions.

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How my wife and I were humiliated, manhandled by Nigeria Police at Moore Police Station Ile Ife By Dr Abiodun Olabanjo



COVID-19: Woman runs to Lagos police for help after NCDC failed to answer emergency line

My wife and l are Medical Doctors practising in Ile Ife Osun state. While my wife works with OSHMB. I have a private hospital in Ile Ife. l had to drive my wife to her place of work this morning with the private hospital ambulance (Name of the hospital well written on the ambulance with Doctors stickers on the windscreen). We had passed through several police barricades on the way.

On getting to one of the barricades in front of Moore Police station, we stopped and they asked for our mission on the road, despite the lockdown declared by the Government, and we patiently introduced ourselves and told them where we work and the reason why I had to drive my wife to her place of work and also informed them that I would be coming back soon as I had a patient that was been prepared for surgery before I left the hospital.

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To my surprise on my way back from State Hospital Oke Ogbo Ile Ife where my wife works unlike other checkpoints where we had passed, where they didn’t need to stop us again for questioning on seeing the same hospital ambulance, the police at the barricade in front of Moore decided to stop us again and we did.

They asked me again for my identity and I explained to them but they insisted on parking the ambulance despite all explanation. After some persuasion one of the police personnel ordered the barricade to be removed, a car in the front and we followed but as we drove on we heard a loud bang at the back of the ambulance with someone in boy scout uniform calling other policeman claiming we broke through their barricade.

We, therefore, decided to stop but before I could open the car door to come down they started hitting me from the car, slapping and dragging me out of the car saying we wanted to hit one of them.

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I was kicked several times by these about 30/50 people who were not even aware of what transpired. On citing this my wife quickly came down to stop the one slapping and hitting me but they didn’t even allow her they started beaten and dragging her too to the police station.

We were then ordered to be locked up in the cell by the Area Commander without any interrogation.

Instead, they collected all our four phones our shoes and other personal belongings including the car key without allowing us to make any form of communication either to our people nor our lawyer.

It was one of our patients who witnessed the event that quickly reported the case at our hospital from where our lawyer was contacted.

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It was our lawyer in company of the patient that was waiting for emergency caesarian section that came to bail us at the police station. As we speak now, we were told they threatened to charge us to court tomorrow for trial even without investigation calling us all sorts of names and concorted lot of lies against us.

Our questions are….. Are Doctors not permitted to go to their places of work during this lockdown? Is the hospital ambulance not permitted to move during lockdown?

Was it normal for the police officer to collect all our phones without allowing us to communicate either with our people or our lawyer……. Our phones were ringing several times and they were dancing and singing to the tunes despite telling them that someone was in distress. It is our desire to register our displeasure to the whole nation…….

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