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Meet Kifayah Sani, 22, Nigeria’s first female fighter pilot


Meet Kifayah Sani, 22, Nigeria’s first female fighter pilot

22-year-old flight lieutenant and obviously the youngest pilot in the Nigerian Air-force, Kifayah Muhammad Sani, is fast becoming an internet sensation.

Unlike in the time of old, women are now very much involved in professions that before now seemed like they were meant for the male folks alone.

Women have now begun to take the bull by the horns by taking up professions which are looked upon as unladylike.

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One of such women is 22-year-old Kifayah Muhammad Sani.

Kifayah is equally the first female fighter pilot in Nigeria as young as she is.

This goes a long way to show that age is nothing but a number; it shouldn’t hold you down from achieving whatever you put your mind to.

It has been reported that Sani is currently going through training for the JF-17 platform.

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Guess this is a good time to use the expression, “What a man can do, a woman can do better”.


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