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MOAN OUT OF ECSTASY TO DRIVE HIM CRAZY! Actress Maryam Charles gives tips on how to get money from a man

Maryam Charles


MOAN OUT OF ECSTASY TO DRIVE HIM CRAZY! Actress Maryam Charles gives tips on how to get money from a man

Nollywood actress, Maryam Charles, has dished out some “relationship tips” to ladies who find it difficult to get money from men.

Charles who is apparently not shy about talking about intimacy gave some very “debatable” and raw methods of persuasion to ladies who have stingy men as partners.

Charles further opined that the only advantage you have over such stingy men is your feminine power.

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Read her full post below:

“Ladies need to start facing the reality that we all like (in fact love) to receive credit alerts from our banks or some cash for anything. Who doesn’t like the feelings that comes with credit alert?

“If you know your man is the not so giving type of man, the only advantage you have over him is your feminine power, make sure ‘konji’ has descended heavily on him to the point that he cannot think with his brain, but to follow the instructions of his prick… however, who controls this prick? YOU!

“Make sure you control the prick to bring out some cool cash from his pocket… tease him seductively, act like you’re almost on cloud 9, in fact, moan out of ecstasy to drive him crazier… when the process is on, do not allow him get under your pant yet so he can dance to your tune.

“Table your needs while he’s anticipating the real play of s*x, pretend to be suddenly sad remembering you need the stuffs listed and watch how he’ll horridly tell you where he keeps his money in the house to go get any amount you need or he’ll pick up his phone to transfer all the money in his account to yours.

“Make sure you don’t fall for any “baby I’ll make the transfer when we’re done, let’s get this over with first” story, else, you’re on your own ooo. Who no like money?”

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