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NAHCON felicitates with Nigerian Muslims on Eid-el-Fitr


The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has facilitated with Muslim Ummah in the country on Eid-el-Fitr.
NAHCON Chairman, Alhaji Zikrullah Hassan, said this on Friday in a Sallah message in Abuja on Friday.

Hassan prayed that almighty Allah accepts the fasting of the Ummah as an act of worship.

”On behalf of board members, management, and the entire staff of NAHCON, I sincerely congratulate the Muslim community all over the world for this day.

”It is our prayer and hopes that we indeed are among those who have reaped from the abundant benefits of this glorious month.

”Eid-el Fitr is not just a time for celebration; it is a period that calls for renewed vigor towards sustaining the virtues of Ramadan.

”The lessons of Ramadan encourage Muslims to watch over the less privileged, be constant in prayer, ponder over the verses of the Holy Book of guidance: Al-Qur’an, shun immoralities, and to persist in many other acts of kindness,’’ he said.

Hassan prayed to almighty Allah to guide the Muslim faithful to continue on the noble path.

”Eid-el Fitr 2020 is coming with a difference under the global threat of COVID-19.

”I reiterate my earlier calls to all Muslims to respect the Federal Government’s restriction on congregational worship.
”Certainly, respect to constituted authority is respect to The Creator,” he said.

Hassan added that the restrictions of movement occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and other preventive measures were for the general good of humanity.

”COVID-19 pandemic has changed global calculations on matters of engagement, creating numerous uncertainties.
”This uncertainty hovers over the possibility of Hajj 2020 taking place as well.

”I commend the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its huge investment in tackling the spread of the pandemic in the holy land, which will be of benefit to the Muslim Ummah.

”I once again reassure our teeming 2020 Hajj hopefuls from Nigeria that once Saudi Arabia makes clear its decision on the Hajj, NAHCON shall reveal the plans it has designed for either of the eventualities,” he said.

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Firm unveils smoother, quicker paint product



A leading paint manufacturing company in Nigeria says it has unveiled a premium painting solution ‘Berger Swift Painting’ (BSP) to tackle incidences of prolonged painting and dusty environment.

Mr. Anjan Sircar, Berger Paints Nigeria Plc (BPN), Managing Director, said in a statement on Saturday in Lagos, that the product was introduced to tackle the incidence of imperfect painting inherent in the country.

Sircar said BSP was introduced to deliver quicker, neater and smoother painting in the most efficient and effective way with the use of mechanized and advanced tools.

He said the new service was borne out of the company’s ingenuity and constant quest for innovative products and services.

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Sircar noted that the company had always been at the forefront of trail brazing in products and service delivery.

“ Berger Swift Painting is a new concept in the Nigerian Painting Industry.

“The concept is expected to revolutionize the industry in Nigeria. Berger Paints Nigeria Plc is the first paint company to offer this novel service in Nigeria.

The new service will completely change the process of painting in the country.

“It will ultimately make project execution quicker, neater, and smoother.

“You don’t have to worry about paint spillage or dust on the furniture, there is on-site support to help move and cover your furniture to ensure your space remain neat.

“Berger Swift Painters are well trained, well kitted, and safety-conscious.

“They follow all hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

“This is more apt at this period of COVID- 19 Pandemic.
“The painters will properly sanitize their hands and use appropriate nose masks.

“Apart from havoc posed by fake products in the Nigerian Paint Industry, prolonged duration of painting, dusty environment while painting and poor finishing are other challenges faced by customers.

“The introduction of Berger Swift Painting Service will solve all these militating challenges by delivering quicker, neater, and smoother painting.

“The new service from BPN’s stable is expected to bring Nigeria at par with the Western World in the area of quality service delivery,” he said.

He said the company which commenced operation in Nigeria on the 9th of January 1959 has grown to be a leader in the voting and allied Industry in Nigeria.

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According to him, it has over the years built a reputation as the first in setting standards in the paint industry in Nigeria.

“It has pioneered a wide range of specialty products that are much sought after in this dynamic and ever-changing market,” he said

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Stop blaming Igbo parents for rejecting inter-tribal marriages, Nigerian man gives reasons



Stop blaming Igbo parents for rejecting inter-tribal marriages, Nigerian man gives reasons

A Nigerian man has taken to the microblogging platform to defend Igbo parents who don’t support inter-tribal marriages.

He waded into a conversation ignited by a Twitter influencer who disclosed that her marriage plans crashed because her Igbo boyfriend’s mother  didn’t like the fact that she was Yoruba,

@urchilla01 claimed that these Igbo parents are the ones who experienced the civil war and the deep hatred and divide which was fostered by other tribes after the war.

He also pointed out that there is a lot of difference in traditional beliefs and practices between the different tribes in Nigeria.

“I’m tired of seeing people express disgust when they read stories about igbo parents rejecting marriages for their children to other tribes! I’m really tired of it! These parents are the ones that experienced the civil war!” he tweeted.

“These parents are the ones that grew up in the deep hatred & divide that followed the war, fostered by other tribes!”

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“Stop blaming them for rejecting inter-tribal marriages! They have the right to the paranoia that they express! If you’re lucky to have an igbo person whose parents don’t mind, or who’s strong enough to fight for both of you, then thank God for you; but by all means stop blaming these parents!”

“Again, it’s obvious there’s a lot of difference in traditional beliefs & practices between the different tribes of Nigeria! The way marriage is patterned in Nigeria, you’re not only getting married to your spouse, you’re also getting married into or to their family!”

“Don’t blame them for taking care to ensure they have in-laws who have the same values as them! Please dead this criticism, it’s all so cliche now! Also, if you’re dating someone, discuss these things!”

“Don’t wait till after 6 years of courtship & realise the family don’t want another tribe! Stop shooting yourselves in the damn foot! Urrggghh!”

“A lot of comments here just show that you people don’t understand that marriage is an “institution”. You think it’s just to find one person your heart is doing kikum kikum for & rush to altar E go shock you.”

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Merkel allies criticise Trump decision to cut U.S. troops in Germany



Senior lawmakers, from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative bloc, on Saturday, criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to order the U.S. military to remove 9,500 troops from Germany.

The move would reduce U.S. troop’s numbers in Germany to 25,000, from 34,500.

“The plans once again show that the Trump administration is neglecting an elementary leadership task: the involvement of alliance partners in decision-making processes,’’ Johann Wadephul, foreign policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, told Reuters.

All NATO partners benefited from the cohesion of the alliance, and only Russia and China gain from discord, Wadephul said, adding: “This should be given more attention in Washington’’.

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Wadephul also spoke of a “further wake-up call” to Europeans to position themselves better in terms of security policy.

The German Foreign Ministry declined to comment.

Andreas Nick, like Wadephul a member of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, told Deutsche Welle the indications were that “the decision was not a technical but a purely politically motivated decision’’.

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A U.S. official, who did not want to be identified, said on Friday the move was the result of months of work by the top U.S. military officer, General Mark Milley, and had nothing to do with tensions between Trump and Merkel, who thwarted Trump’s plan to host a G7 meeting this month.

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The withdrawal, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, is the latest twist in relations between Berlin and Washington, which have often been strained during Trump’s presidency.

Trump has pressed Germany to raise defense spending and accused Berlin of being a “captive” of Russia due to its energy reliance.

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