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New Jersey hit and run leaves two-year-old Nigerian child in critical condition


New Jersey hit and run leaves two-year-old Nigerian child in critical condition

A two-year-old Nigerian child, Eno Jameson, who lives in New Jersey with her parents has been left in critical condition after being involved in a hit-and-run crash on Mother’s Day.

The New Jersey police have tracked down the driver who was promptly arrested.

The victim’s family live in a nearby apartment from where the accident took place.

Their home is just a short walk to the church the attend located across the street. The incident took place on Sunday morning when little Eno Jameson was hit while walking alone.

The driver simply took off.

“Sad on Mother’s Day. It’s not meant to be this way,” said Itoro Jameson, the victim’s father, adding when asked why his daughter was alone outside, “[My wife] thought she was with me. I thought she was with her and I think she came out the door herself.”

Surveillance video shows the pick-up truck that police said hit the 2-year-old and then just kept going, right after two cars narrowly miss her as she lies badly injured in the middle of Brookdale Avenue near 18th Avenue.

“This morning when I came here there were a lot of police here and a little kid was crossing the street and then I guess the car hit the little girl,” family friend Nagela Saint-Fleur said.

Police said 26-year-old Romane Errol Sr. of Newark was behind the wheel when he slammed into the toddler just before 9:40 a.m. Detectives discovered his truck nearby shortly after and took him into custody.

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Meanwhile, the young girl was rushed away by emergency workers to University Hospital with rib fractures, a double collapsed lung and lung lacerations.

“She’s blinking her eyes. That’s all she can do for now,” Itoro Jameson said. “My life. She’s my life.”

Friends said the family was on their way to a Sunday service at church but instead ended up at their little girl’s side in the hospital praying for her recovery.

“They were coming to our church,” Saint-Fleur said. “Nice people, very nice.”

Officials said the suspect was driving with a suspended and expired license. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and causing serious bodily injury.

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