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I had never seen such before, Nigerian man recounts his scariest moment at work as US prison warden

Nigerian prison warden


I had never seen such before, Nigerian man recounts his scariest moment at work as US prison warden

A Nigerian man has recounted what he described as a scary incident in a prison that made him realise how dangerous his job was as a prison warden in the United States.

In a thread via his Twitter handle @IamEtubo, he said while he was on duty one afternoon in the prison, two prisoners engaged in fisticuffs that almost resulted in the death of one of them.

Etubo further stated that he was more scared because the inmate who overpowered the other was never known to be troublesome in his 14 as a prisoner. All efforts to separate the inmates proved abortive

He tweeted:

“So, I told y’all I worked in a prison for a couple of years. One fight happened right in front of me that made me realize how dangerous my job was. I was scared!

“So, one afternoon, It was count time, this happens 5 times a day but there was one we did at 4:30 pm. I yelled count time and everyone got up. We got done counting and everyone sat down. I did a security check-in their bathroom and it was nasty. So I called for the Lead man (offender that made sure all cleanings were done) So he came to me. I checked the schedule and yelled for offenders that were on duty that day. They all ran to my desk. I asked them “is there a reason why no one cleaned the bathroom today” the lead man responded oh I didn’t know”  so I told him, “Sir, you have one job, just to make sure everyone else do their jobs” he said “oh sorry Officer, we will take care of it”

“One of them got mouthy and said “hey dude!” I made it clear and said “I am not your dude! I am your Officer and that is what you are gonna address me as.” He then said “Fuck you! we ain’t gonna do it and you can’t do shit” I told him, I wasn’t gonna repeat myself. So he left.

“This same dude threatened me a week before saying “do you know why I am in prison? I killed 2 people you better be scared. I’m gonna find you and your family!” I had to call my boss to come take care of it. He was really pushing me to the wall.

“So after talking to them, the lead man was about to run off, so I called him again and said “I’m giving y’all one hour to get it all cleaned or I’m issuing a violation to y’all” they all left. The lead man yelled “Get your stuff guys and let’s get it done! We don’t want no problem with the officer”.

“The lead man was one of the biggest men I have ever seen, he was huge fam! All muscle! He has been in the prison for 14 years and never caused no problem. He was gentle.. but just Looking at him, your brain immediately tells you “you can’t fuck with this one”.

“So they started cleaning and I asked the rest to remain in their living areas till the cleaning got done. They were like 98 offenders. They all went to the bathroom and started cleaning. This is where It got crazy. After they were done, that mouthy offender came to my desk and wouldn’t leave. So I asked “sir, do you need anything. You are can’t be at my desk. It is out of bounds” he then left.

“When I went around for my security check. I saw the lead man on his bed. He looked mad, so u asked him “sir, are you okay” he smiled and said “yes I am officer. I’m good. So I told him to come talk to me later. When I got back to my desk that mouthy dude was there again.

“I’m like “I already warned you… “Fam! I just heard a thick voice, that yelled!! “HEY!! YOU THINK THE OFFICER IS GONNA SAVE YOU?! YOU THINK HE IS? GUESS WHAT! HE AINT!” The other dude yelled back “What the fuck you gon do?” I was like “WTF is going on? The lead man grabbed this dude and started beating the shit out of him. He slammed him on the floor grabbed his head and started hitting it against the wall. All these happened in seconds. I was scared, I had never seen anything like that before *except for movies* I was like “HOLY SHIIIIIIT BLOOD! OMG!

“Blood everywhere fam… WTF?! So I called for help and medical assistance. I yelled “STOP!! STOP!! MR (Name withheld) STOP!!!” I took out my pepper-spay and burst some on his face. He didn’t stop. So! I grabbed him! I said!! “hey it’s me! Please stop! He did!

“He messed him up pretty good. The lead man knelt down and started crying.. he said “just take me away. I’m done” back up came. They sat the mouthy dude down and he couldn’t even tell where he was. And you know the scariest part? They asked him few questions and finally asked him who the president of the US was, he said Barrack Obama. Fam!! Barrack Obama left the office like about a year ago. WTF is going on? The medical team said with what they gathered so far the lead man knocked his brain back as far as 13 months ago. I was like.

“Damn! Everywhere was hot. Pepper spray everywhere fam! The house was getting loud and they were all pissed to see the lead man go. I told them “hey I’m sorry but it’s out of my hands and y’all need to calm down, there is nothing I can do about it.”

“They took the lead man away and the other was shipped out to the state hospital for surgery. I’m like what happened? I called one of the guys that cleaned and he said “Officer, the lead man tried but he couldn’t hold it any longer” I’m like “what are you talking about?”

“He said “the dude threatened the lead man’s family like he did to you earlier” He continued “We all know the lead man ain’t no problem but that fucking dude got what he deserved…” I said but I came in there about 4 times and everything seemed to be fine, he then said “we are offenders, we let you see what we want you to see” I felt that.

“I went to visit the lead man later that day before I left for my house. He asked me “Are you mad at me?” I’m like “No! But why?” He said “I dont know, but I will never forgive myself! I have been in prison for the past 14 years with no problems,

“I had just 3 years left but I’m gonna get at least 6 more for what I have done. I’m gonna start all over again” he cried.. he said “Officer, patience is a key. It’s a treasure and I know you have a lot of it. Protect it and don’t lose it for anything. Don’t be like me”

“I couldn’t get over it for a while, it was a shocking experience. Since then, I try hard not to run out patience. And of course, I have seen worse.”


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